The Academic Programs International (API) Study Abroad Programs: A Complete Program Overview for Studying Abroad

The History of Academic Programs International (API)

Some 4,000 Academic Programs International (API) participants can say they’ve expanded their collegiate knowledge by studying and traveling to some 50 cities within 29 countries collectively. Since API was founded in 1997 it has been fiercely growing with its passion to give all students the opportunity to study abroad at a low cost.

It was 20 years ago, in 1997, that four women came together with the same values to form API. These values consisted of providing high-quality, affordable study abroad programs for U.S. students. The four women each studied abroad themselves as students, but also traveled internationally as professionals and bonded on the importance of cultural sensitivity and its result as a holistic personal development experience for young adults.

Moving forward to 2017 and Academic Programs International is continuing to expand and send students abroad to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Oceania. API is evolving and gaining strength as a third-party study abroad program by creating relationships with partner universities, having strong alumni, and ensuring they have the most dedicated staff to inspire and encourage students to take the trip that will change their lives forever.

Benefits of Choosing API

From its beginning API has been committed to providing study abroad opportunities for all types of students who want to go to all types of locations. API’s commitment to diversity makes them stand out. View the API Study Abroad programs finder to discover diversity in study abroad.

Commitment to Diversity

“API does not discriminate against any individual based on ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, race, sex, gender identity, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability in its admissions decisions, program activities or employment practices.”

API Study Abroad Programs work to sent students with disabilities, first-generation students, economically diverse, multicultural, non-traditional, student veterans, and LGBTQ+ students abroad with their careful planning, scholarship, and outreach programs. Their program wants students of all kinds to know it is not impossible to participate in a study abroad program. API does not sugar coat that there are different obstacles for minority student groups, instead, they open the conversation for this and devise a plan for you to get around the obstacles.

As a program that genuinely wants to see every type of student go abroad, there are API staff members specifically there to assist students to travel internationally. The staff helps participants like non-traditional students and student veterans know what questions to ask in order to reveal their opportunities. Using Veteran benefits to study abroad can be challenging, but with API programs it can be done.

API Gives Back Project

Academic Programs International does not stop encouraging and intriguing students once they have made it to their destination. Once a semester the program’s on-site directors organize an “API Gives Back Project” to create an opportunity for its participants to contribute to their host community. The projects often focus on supporting those in need in the area or working to promote environmental sustainability.

Past trips have been either a one-day commitment or vary to an ongoing volunteer program. The projects have included beautifying beaches in Italy, painting local orphanages, or donating their time to support community organizations providing services to disabled children and adults among the many programs.

Where API Goes/ Special Programs

API programs really do send students all over the world with their programs in Asia and the Middle East in cities like Bhutan, China, and the U.A.E. This is in addition to the 12 countries in Europe, 5 countries in Latin America, and to both Australia and New Zealand! However, Academic Programs International doesn’t stop at relocating students. The API Study Abroad Programs also offer three different spins on a traditional study abroad trip. In addition to studying, students are offered to take part in any of the service-learning, internship, or volunteer add-on programs while abroad.

Faculty-Led Programs

API boasts its specialization in creating customized and faculty-led short-term study abroad programs that are designed to tailor to students’ specific needs. Their perfected faculty-led programs essentially provide less risk, less hassle, and more options for students.

Extensive insurance protection including emergency evacuation is readily available with the faculty-led programs which can ease worried parents’ and students’ minds. In addition, API willingly takes on the administrative details between the students’ institution and your host institution to assist. With more location options than ever, API faculty-led programs also offer a range of volunteer and service-oriented programs to transform a traditional learning experience into a hands-on one that will never be forgotten.

Contact API

Mailing Address: 301 Camp Craft Road, Suite 100, Austin Texas, 78746
Telephone: (512)600-8900 or (800)844-4124

Passports & Visas

API Study Abroad ProgramsOne of the most frequently asked questions from API Study Abroad Programs students planning to study abroad is regarding passports and visas.

Any international trip requires a proper passport (start your passport application here).

Passports must be valid for up to six months after the return date of your trip. Passports can be renewed if expired or simply purchased and processed prior to leaving. Typically passports take 4-6 weeks to process, but expedited services are available if students need them ASAP.

Student visas are generally required when students study abroad, though this depends on the country they are traveling to as well as how long they will be gone. For more information about your specific trip and visa needs please contact your study abroad program or the U.S. Embassy. If you think you need a passport processed fast, please drop us a line. We have a network of passport specialists that can help you get your passport as quickly as 24 hours.