Trinity College Study Abroad Programs

Trinity College Study AbroadSince its founding in 1823, Trinity College has followed this belief of independent thinking. Their collegiate excellence in the liberal arts, sciences, study abroad programs as well as providing a real-world educational environment has put them miles ahead of others. This is also true for the Trinity College Study Abroad Program.

Trinity College prides themselves on sending over 60 percent of students to study abroad internationally. Thus, the OSA staff are committed to helping each student choose a destination and program. Each choice will best fit them academically, professionally, and personally.

Trinity College Study Abroad Programs and Affiliations

With many affiliations and memberships with internationally recognized organizations and programs, Trinity College allow students to have extensive choices when deciding where to go, what they want to study, and when they want to go.

Furthermore, Trinity College Study Away Program works with CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange, Forum on Education Abroad, IES: Institute for the International Education of Students, IIE: Institute of International Education, International SOS: Medical and Travel Security Assistance, NAFSA: The Association of International Educators, and OSAC: Overseas Security Advisory Council.

So, students at Trinity College have many choices for study abroad with many highly ranked study abroad partners.

Year/ Semester Study Away Programs

Year/Semester Study Away Programs are available for Trinity College students. Trinity College has created and administers nine different study away locations to students to choose from with multiple options for programs including core classes, electives, internships, community service projects, or an independent study. So, aside from the programs administered by Trinity College, there are about 90 other programs that are approved by the college for transfer credit.

Renowned for creating innovative study away programs, Trinity College keeps the options fresh and trendy. New for 2017 was a Summer Study Away Program in Paris which studied marketplaces, boutiques, and the culture of shopping in Paris.

All of Trinity College Summer Study Away programs were design by Trinity faculty. Thus, the faculty aid in providing support, teaching classes, and planning and leading cultural excursions. The summer programs vary from three to five weeks long. Summer programs range in their area of academic discipline. Destinations include Rome Italy, Barcelona Spain, Akko Israel, China, and Paris France.

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