Union College Study Abroad Program

According to the Princeton Review, Union College Study Abroad Program ranks #6 on their Most Popular Study Abroad Program list. With more than 40 programs offered in 29 countries, it’s no wonder why nearly 60% of Union students study abroad.

Whether you choose to study ancient tombs and temples in Greece, plan to do research in Australia or take a short term trip to Bali students will find something to spark their interest in further developing their international education and awareness with Union College programs.

Opportunities for language immersion, internships, research, and community service are all offered by Union College with opportunities for scholarships for eligible students. Union College does all it can do encourage students to study abroad.

Union College Study Abroad Programs

What is so exciting about Union College study abroad program is that they are constantly changing what they can offer students in regards to studying abroad. Every odd year there are options for students to spend their semester studying in Fiji, Sicily, Argentina, and Senegal to name a few locations for the semester long programs! In the winter and spring semesters, there is a new program sending students to Kenya Africa.

Nearly 80% of Union abroad programs are led by Union faculty, thus allowing students to enjoy a program that is extremely personal. This is specifically significant because it grants students access to get to know and network with professors on a deeper level than in the classroom.

Other program opportunities for Union students include independent studies, non-Union programs through affiliate programs and universities, full terms abroad, and postgraduate fellowship programs to name a few. Union College understands that its student body is diverse with their backgrounds, interests, and studies thus the benefit to offering so many programs. There is truly something for everyone!


Union College offers short three-week programs that run twice a year. Mini-terms take place during winter break or at the beginning of summer break. 2017 offers programs to India, Egypt, New Zealand, and China to name a few. Holocaust history is observed in the Summer 2017 Mini-term.

Other Mini-terms are also regularly added for Union students on an every-other year basis. These programs feature a trip to Bali, Argentina, Cuba, England, and South Africa as a few highlights.

Mini-terms are ideal for students who want to take a short trip abroad but also designed for students who need to catch up on course credits to graduate on time. The more cautious traveler can find comfort in the fact that Union College does not operate these programs in countries where a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or U.S. economic sanction is in effect.

Klemm Fellow International Internship Program

Union College offers a highly selective program that assists Union students who qualify for a very assisted internship program. The Klemm Fellow Internship Program works with the programĀ Projects Abroad and allows selected students to live in a foreign country where they will work as an intern in a local organization and lodge with a host family.

The internship program covers the cost of the program but with the exception of excursions and incidents that may happen. The program is a non-credit bearing program, however, it gives students the opportunity to enhance their resume and collegiate experiences. The work hours are typically Monday through Friday as a normal work week would go. Selected students boast its incredible benefits to their life and immersion cultural experience.

Contact Union College Study Abroad Program

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Phone: (518) 388-6002
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24-Hour Emergency Cell Phone: 518-573-0471
E-Mail: intlprograms@union.edu

Passports & Visas

Union College Study Abroad in EuropeObtaining or ensuring you have a valid passport is the first step to any study abroad trip. In order for a passport to be valid, it must not be expired. Also, it must not expire up to 6 months after you return from your trip. Passports usually take about 4-6 weeks to process. Though private and trustworthy, expedited services is available if there is proof of departing in a short notice.

Student visas and visas, in general, vary from country to country as well as the planned duration of your trip. If you need help with your passport and visa, please let us know and our team of passport and visa professionals will answer your questions.