Study Abroad United Kingdom

Why You Should Choose Study Abroad United Kingdom

Study Abroad United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Together this creates one of the most culturally diverse places you can study abroad. Join the culturally curious Americans that make study abroad United Kingdom their ultimate college experience.

The UK offers students both extremes. From cosmopolitan cities like London, Belfast, Glasgow, and Cardiff to offering such contrasts in culture and history such as Warwickshire and Yorkshire, the United Kingdom has something for students of all studies.

While being recognized and respected for their British higher education and qualifications, the UK is also known for being very welcoming to international students. Within the last year, Britain alone welcomed 1.8 million full-time undergraduate students which included over 105,000 international students.

Popular UK Study Abroad Programs

According to BBC News in 2014, the most popular courses for study abroad United Kingdom students were nursing, psychology, law and design studies. However more and more creative art and design students as well as history students are making their way abroad to the UK to enrich their studies.

Where to Study Abroad in the United Kingdom

Because the United Kingdom is comprised of four different countries that are packed with prestigious universities, it is difficult to choose exactly where to study. However, once you decide you will reap the benefits of being able to travel within the UK and the rest of Europe very easily as they are all so close in vicinity.

We put together a hybrid list of popular suggestions of uni’s to study abroad in the UK from World University Rankings and experience. According to their study, the University of Oxford is number one! (And we aren’t all that surprised).

#1: University of Oxford, England.

Though it is steeped in centuries of tradition and highly prestigious, the University of Oxford has a highly international prominence on campus which creates a fun atmosphere. The town of Oxbridge and the university itself are towards the south of England, near London. The university offers all the extracurricular activities a student could ask for as well as no shortage of a proper British students night out. Boost your CV/Resume while equally enjoying yourself abroad at Oxford.

#88: University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Scotland’s largest and most popular city and home to the University of Glasgow. This university ranks well in social standings as well as educationally. It is one of Scotland’s four oldest universities. Today it has four colleges: The Colleges of Arts, Veterinary and Life Sciences, Science and Engineering, and Social Sciences.

#182: University of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Recently named the UK’s most affordable city is none other than Belfast in Northern Ireland. (It’s nearly 50% cheaper than attending school in London!) The University of Belfast is known as the ‘rising star’ among UK cities as it offers a culture more authentic than Dublin and an education that is to the high standards of the UK. Study abroad students are often taking note of Belfast’s lively and thriving nightlife.

Passport and Visa Info for Study Abroad in the UK

U.S. Citizens need a valid passport to travel to and within the United Kingdom with no exceptions. This includes students that choose study abroad United Kingdom for their college experience.

The UK also typically allows International students to work up to 20 hours a week during their term and full-time during holidays with their student visa.

In regards to obtaining a visa for the United Kingdom, you must know the duration of your course and time in the United Kingdom. This will alter which type of student visa you need.

Short-term study visa: (What you can and cannot do on this visa)

You can:
– do a short course of study in the UK, such as an English language course or a training course

– do a short period of research as part of a degree course if you are studying abroad
You can’t:
– study at a state school
– work (including on a work placement or work experience) or carry out any business
– extend this visa
– bring family members (‘dependants’) with you – they must apply separately
– get public funds

You can stay in the UK for:

6 months – for any short course (including English language courses), or short period of research if you’re 18 or over
– 11 months – if you’re 18 or over and taking an English language course

Tier 4 (General) student visa:

– If you have been offered a place on a course and can provide acceptance letter
– Must pass an English proficiency test
– Provide proof of sufficient funds according to how long you plan to stay
– Provide health insurance

You can:

– study
– apply from inside or outside the UK
– apply to extend your stay

You can’t:

– work in certain jobs. For example, professional sportsperson or sports coach
– study at an academy or a local authority-funded school (also known as a maintained school)