University of Chicago Study Abroad Programs

University of Chicago Study Abroad

The University of Chicago has driven new ways of thinking since 1890. It was consecutively recognized both nationally and internationally for their hard work and dedication to their programs. University of Chicago was feature on Forbes: America’s Top Colleges List as well as on the U.S. News & World Report lists for best colleges most recently in 2016 and so on. The recognition does not stop there. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings featured them in 2016 as well as on the QS World University Rankings list of 2016/17. The reason for pointing out their noteworthy achievements is to provide proof as to why the University of Chicago Study Abroad Programs are some of the best for American college students.

University of Chicago Study Abroad Program Highlights

British/Irish Partner Institutions

The University of Chicago has formed agreements and relationships with eight institutions abroad. Together, they represent a range of academic strength worldwide. All of the universities chosen from the United Kingdom and Ireland are essentially comprehensive universities. Meaning, they offer a variety of subjects. This excludes the London School of Economics.

The UChicago Study Abroad British/Irish Partner Institutions are the University of Bristol, The University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, The London School of Economics, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, Trinity College in Cambridge, Trinity College in Dublin, and The University College London.

UChicago Faculty-Led

The UChicago Faculty-Led programs are a very popular choice among students at the University of Chicago. There are 31 different programs options to choose from ranging from excursions throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Nearly half of the students who study abroad from UChicago choose Paris to study.
This program is led by UChicago faculty who quite literally bring the world into the classroom. Faculty-led trips leave so many options for students to choose as there are Thematic programs as well as courses for students specific field of study. The university also has an option to fulfill students Civilization Core requirements abroad.

One new and exciting program in this option is “Paris Cinema and Media Studies”. Here students will study abroad at the University of Chicago Center in Paris that is in the thirteenth arrondissement right in the Center of Paris between the University of Paris VII and near the French National Library.

Participants of this course have an open invitation to use it towards their general education art requirement (arts core). However, any student with an interest in film get an invite to apply. Program participants will take a French language course that is designed to assist in making students feel a part of the French culture. Of course, the program isn’t all work and no play! There are many artistic and historic excursions planned within the duration of the trip for students to enjoy.

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