University of Denver Study Abroad Program

The University of Denver understands the importance of understanding and learning to appreciate another culture and their perspectives, and they try to instill this into their students. Here, the Office of International Education (OIE), or the University of Denver study abroad program, encourages students to study and live abroad for at least one-quarter of a semester during their time at UD.

UD is a university that investments in their students. This is clear through their Cherrington Global Studies program that makes eligible students an offer they cannot resist! The CGS program encourages students to study abroad by presenting benefits that help offset additional costs associated with study abroad. Overall, making study abroad more achievable. The program attests to the OIE’s commitment to being inclusive to all of their students. Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, ability, nationality, and religion all students are given the same resources and encouragement to go abroad.

The University of Denver study abroad program wants their students to travel and learn what it means to be a functioning member to the global society we live in today. Encouragement comes from all forms in UD’s study abroad program. In particular, the program has created short videos to answer frequently asked questions. It also address concerns about studying abroad in both English speaking countries as well as in Spanish speaking countries. UD couldn’t make it any easier to students to study abroad!

University of Denver Study Abroad Programs

Cherrington Global Scholars

Thinking forward, the University of Denver conceived and implemented the Cherrington Global Scholars (CGS) initiative. In short, this program allows eligible students to study abroad at comparable costs of a term at DU! Despite the inevitable extra expenses such as books and excursions that cannot be assisted by this program, other benefits do apply for eligible students. CGS students receive benefits that help offset additional costs such as round-trip international airfare and reimbursing student visa application fees which make this program, unlike any other study abroad program!

Strategic Partner and Target Strategic Partner Programs

UD works with strategic partner and target strategic partners to offer this type of foundational program to UD students. The programs extend to the University of Glasgow, Lund University in Sweden, and the University of Western Australia in Perth.
Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city with about 2 million residents. Being situated a few minutes from beaches, nature reserves, and surrounded by laid-back seaside towns, Perth is an ideal place for students coming abroad to Australia. The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of Australia’s top educational institutions and is a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight universities.

University of Denver students will not feel out of place, as 22% of the more than 25,000 students make up the current population. UWA offers 3-year undergraduate degrees which mean that the classes are more specialized, thus UD students must have a strong background in the course at a 200-300 level. Typically UD students only take 4 classes as their course load for the semester.

Other Affiliate Programs

UD works with multiple other affiliate programs to offer their students the very best in options for studying abroad. CIEE, ISA, and AIFS are a few of the programs that assist in sending UD students abroad.

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)

Since 1964 AIFS has sent over 1.5 million students abroad, proving it is recognized as a leading provider of study abroad programs. What is unique about AIFS is that their programs are all-inclusive which is much less stressful for students studying abroad. AIFS also includes a housing and meal plan for students which can include home-stay, independent living or in a residence hall. Easy to forget items such as transferring financial aid, visa assistance and more are all part of this all-inclusive program.

The AIFS program at the University of Denver sends students to Salzburg, Germany. Besides assistance on the language barrier, AIFS is able to give more than $800,000 in grants and scholarships to students annually.

Contact The UD Study Abroad Program

Office of International Education (OIE)
2200 South Josephine Street
Denver, Colorado 80208
Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Passports & Visas

University of Denver Study AbroadUniversity of Denver Study Abroad students will need a passport and possibly a visa. Passports must be valid for up to six months after the return date of your trip. Typically passports take 4-6 weeks to process, but expedited services are available if students need it quicker. You can get a passport as quick as 24 hours.

Student visas are necessary when students study abroad. Though this depends on the country they are traveling to, as well as how long they plan to stay. For more information about your specific trip and visa needs please contact your study abroad program or the U.S. Embassy.