University of Portland Study Abroad Programs

University of Portland Study Abroad For more than 50 years the University of Portland has given students worldly opportunities to earn credits towards their degree while traveling abroad. What is unique about UP’s study abroad programs is that they offer programs that are ‘all-inclusive’. Students’ program fees include housing, tuition, insurance, and excursions.
In addition, the semester programs even include either a food allowance or meals provided by a host family. The University of Portland Study Abroad Programs are ideal for students because sorting out insurance and meals are an important factor to study abroad that typically gets overlooked.

University of Portland Study Abroad Programs

The Salzburg Program

As the University of Portland’s only year-long option for study abroad, the Salzburg Program is the oldest program at the university and its details have been perfected. The program focuses on expanding cultural, historical and personal awareness through its handpicked courses in art history, German, and music.

Salzburg is centrally in Europe and the program takes full advantage of that by being able to offer students tours through France, Italy, and Greece. As the birthplace of Mozart and home to the world-famous Salzburg Music Festival, students get expose to much of Germany’s best art, music, and culture. Other tours include trips to Paris, Rome, Florence, Pompeii, and Athens to highlight a few from the past.

This program truly gives students full European exposure. Although the tours have a guide, this program has its challenges through Salzburg. Students must take a German language course and have plenty of opportunities to practice with locals in the excursions, courses, and location included in the Salzburg program.

Semester Abroad

University of Portland students have 7 different options to choose from when traveling abroad on the Semester Abroad Program. Though there may not be many options, the range of choices for students spans worldwide. So, students can choose from Fremantle Australia, London England, Granada Spain, Galway Ireland, Rome Italy, Salzburg Austria, all the way to Tanzania Africa.

The Semesters abroad as very well planned. The trip to Galway, Ireland, for example, is a program to allow students to personally experience Irish culture. Some of the excursions include trips to Dublin, the famous Aran Islands, and Northern Ireland as well. The program ensures students are not just a number by also providing a 3-day homestay with a Gaelic speaking family in County Galway in a town called Connemara. Students who have to complete any prerequisites are encouraged to take this course.

The Fremantle, Australia trip has been around for 9 years and is only getting bigger and better. Now UP offers this course in both the fall and spring semesters by popular demand. Students enroll at the University of Notre Dame in Australia which sits on the west coast of the continent. Above all interesting facts about this trip, nursing and/or engineering students may apply to this program as well as freshmen. All other participants must be juniors or seniors when they go abroad to Australia.

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