University of St. Thomas Study Abroad Program

The University of St. Thomas’s home location may be in St. Paul, Minnesota but their students are leaving their footprints worldwide. This is mostly with the help of the award winning study abroad program. The university’s program ranked #8 in the nation for study abroad participation. This is according to the latest Institution of International Education Open Doors report.

With about 150 programs in more than 50 countries worldwide, it’s not much of a surprise that more than half of St. Thomas students study abroad during their time at the university. Furthermore, the most popular locations in recent years for St. Thomas students were the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, and China. However, with more and more programs added annually, there is no predicting where St. Thomas students will end up!

The University of St. Thomas Study Abroad Programs

Of all the excuses people may use to study abroad, one reasonable one is that the programs available may not pertain to their major study. The University of St. Thomas does not let students use this line. So, the university offers programs for engineering students that sends them to various locations in Australia, New Zealand, Dublin, and Scotland!

In addition, the University of St. Thomas study abroad program works with other trusted affiliate programs to offer countless options to their students. Partner programs such as CIEE, AIFS, and IAU work with St. Thomas among many others.

Another program that is unique to St. Thomas is their UMAIE (Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education, programs. UMAIE is comprised of six colleges and universities that collaborate to provide many short-term global experiences.

Rome Core Semester Program

St. Thomas students and faculty have the opportunity to call Rome their ‘home away from home’ with the Rome Core Semester program. Here selected students will study at the St. Lawrence Bernardi Campus and complete four core requirements toward their St. Thomas degree. The Rome program offers six courses to choose from that are taught in English plus an additional 2-credit Italian language course.

The Rome Core Semester program has weekend excursions, cultural events, and site visits incorporated into the curriculum which essentially makes all of Italy students classroom for the semester. St. Thomas students will be residing in the St. Thomas Rome Campus where they will live with other students in dorm-style accommodation. An additional bonus feature to the Rome program is that program participants will get $2,000 towards their trip.

Graduate Study Abroad Programs

The University of St. Thomas does not stop encouraging study abroad for their students. A global education improves students resumes, experiences, and generally their global competence. St. Thomas offers programs for their graduates to study abroad as well.

Graduate study abroad programs are in the fields of business, Catholic studies, and law. In addition, there are programs that send students to India for marketing or entrepreneurship. Other programs send students to Dublin or Brazil to focus on global residency and innovation.

International experience as a graduate student is a valuable opportunity to add a global perspective to career knowledge or research.

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Passports & Visas

University of St. Thomas Study Abroad ProgramThe very first step to any study abroad program is to obtain a valid passport. The University of St. Thomas Study Abroad Programs all require students to hold a valid passport. Passports are considered valid if they are not expired up to 6 months after the return date of your trip. Typically passports take 4-6 weeks to process, though trusted and certified expedited services can be purchased if there is proof of an approaching travel itinerary. So, it’s best to apply early so you can keep the fees as low as possible.

Student visas are typically required of those who are studying abroad, though this may depend on the country and duration of the desired trip. Furthermore, each trip varies and should be researched well in advance to ensure a smooth travel. So, contact us for help with your passport and visa requirements. Our team of passport specialists can help you get your passport as quickly as 24 hours if necessary.