The Six Best Beaches To Visit in Brazil

If you’re looking for a warm climate, beautiful scenery, and an abundance of activities to choose from, then look no further than Brazil. With its expansive coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, it’s no wonder this South American country has some of the best beaches in the world.

Porto Da Barra Salvador
Porto Da Barra – Top 6th Beach In Brazil

6. Porto da Barra in Salvador, Bahia

With a population of just under 3 million, Salvador is the third-biggest city in Brazil, and Porto de Barra is one of its top draws. The west-facing beach offers a rare opportunity to enjoy the Brazilian sunset. It sits between a 17th-century fort and a white church in the historic heart of Salvador.

Though the beach can get more people during peak tourist seasons and weekends. The waters off Porto da Barra are almost always calm and warm. Locals even work out here with personal trainers who pitch tents, rather than umbrellas. Hence, each weekday morning you will see some very scenic exercise.

Baía do Sancho
Baía do Sancho – Top 5th Beach in Brazil

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5. Baía do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco

In order to get to this excellent snorkeling spot, you have to climb a ladder down one of the steep cliffs that surround its round bay. Also called Praia do Sancho, this Pernambuco gem is one of Brazil’s best-kept secrets, and locals like it that way. Cliff-top views are unparalleled, high tide brings everything from sea turtles to sharks right up to the beach, and the remote location is perfect for all-day getaways. and TripAdvisor even called Baía do Sancho the “world’s best beach”, praising its pristine shoreline, emerald green water and secluded setting. Because of the rock-climbing act that is necessary to reach this beach on foot, it’s almost never crowded.

That makes the journey all the more worthwhile for both regulars and first-timers, who can enjoy the very definition of island life and pretend the rest of the world has floated away into the gorgeous green ocean.

Morro de Sao Paulo
Morro de Sao Paulo – 4th Best Beach in Brazil

4. Quarta Praia Beach in Morro de Sao Paulo, Ilha de Tinhare

According to Morro de Sao Paulo’s, Quarta Praia (“fourth beach” in Portuguese) is famous for its clear water, colorful fish, and coral reefs that divide the serene water into shallow, calm pools that are perfect for swimming. This beach is definitely the island state’s most remote, relaxing, and quiet retreat, but just on the other side of a mangrove swamp, Encanto Beach (“enchantment beach”) is the fifth and last in a row of beaches that lead to the island of Boipeba.

Praia da Pipa in Praia de Pipa
Praia da Pipa in Praia de Pipa – Top 3 Beaches in Brazil

3. Praia da Pipa in Praia de Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

Praia da Pipa’s steep pink cliffs and small but lush forests make it one of Brazil’s most colorful beaches. Expatriates are everywhere in this laid-back town. Many of them now stay put permanently. Visitors can take advantage of the small restaurants and shops that these new locals opened to support themselves. It was tourists who actually established this seaside town’s gorgeous beach; backpacking surfers fell in love with it back in the swinging 1970s.

Word quickly spread, and today it’s a favorite among travel writers and tourists alike. CNN included Praia da Pipa among its list of the country’s eight best beaches, while Lonely Planet called it the heart of a “magical” beach town. The eco-friendly town even has an abundance of dolphins, with Dolphins Bay (Baía dos Golfinhos) just a few miles away.

Cachadaco Beach in Trindade
Cachadaco Beach in Trindade – Top 2 Beaches in Brazil

2. Cachadaco Beach in Trindade, Rio de Janeiro

Giant granite boulders split a crescent of soft white sand down the middle, while trees and rocks descend from lush jungles and rugged mountains, all the way to the edge of this beach’s clear waters. Even hummingbirds add to the idyllic, serene atmosphere of this Trindade treasure.

While nearby Paraty is a more developed area, it attracts more visitors. Trindade is more relaxed for travelers who prefer reggae to nightclub tracks. You can reach smaller swimming and snorkeling spots, such as the remote Piscina do Caixadaco pool, by boat or by a natural but marked walking trail that is the definition of a “scenic route”. Follow manmade boundaries while winding through the vegetation and hills that populate this mostly untouched paradise.

Canoa Quebrada in Cona Quebrada
Canoa Quebrada in Cona Quebrada – Best Beach in Brazil

1. Canoa Quebrada in Cona Quebrada, Ceará

The name of this sleepy fishing village is Portuguese for “broken canoe”. A laid-back community and scenic views have turned Canoa Quebrada into a top-tier beach resort in recent years in brazil, with many calling it the “pearl” of the country’s east coast.

You can shop in boutiques or party in clubs on Broadway, mountain bike through the dunes and along the cliffs, and go windsurfing above the teal Atlantic water or sail through it on jangadas, traditional Portuguese fishing boats. Adventurous natives and ambitious tourists have capitalized on the rugged landscape that makes this beach so unique, turning it into a hub for water sports and filling its animated bars and clubs every night.


The six best beaches to visit in Brazil are all among the most beautiful and stunning beaches in the world. Whether you are looking for a beach that is perfect for swimming, surfing, or partying, Brazil likely has a beach that can suit your needs.