Tips for Russia Vacation And All The Necessary Documents You Will Need

Travel Tips for Russia

Discovering Russia is worth all of the obstacles you must go through to get there. Often travelers have these grand ideas to travel to this country but get discouraged by the requirements and differences in our governments. With a valid passport, you are halfway there! The following are general things to know before you visit Russia.

Visa assistance is available and highly regarded by past travelers. It is not necessary to hire this service to be awarded the visa, however, it will make the process easier for you. These services translate portions of the visa/process as well as assist you in ensuring you have all the correct paperwork and documentation.

Travel Tips for Russia: Entry Requirements

All U.S. citizens need a valid passport and visa to enter Russia’s borders. There are six different types of visas depending on the reason for your stay.

A written invitation, or commonly referred to as a support letter, from a Russian citizen or organization to verify your invitation to Russia as well as proof of your accommodation is required of those applying for a visa. This rule is standard for all travelers regardless if they are staying in a hotel, private accommodation or with family/friends. If you need further assistance with your Russian Visa, please visit our page dedicated to Visas to Russia.

Travel Tips for Russia: Upon Arrival

The paperwork does not cease when your plane lands in Russia. Once you arrive at your destination in Russia you will need to complete an immigration form. The customs department at the airport will check this form and return a part of it to you.

It is crucial to register yourself with the Russian government within three working days of your arrival. Hotels offer this service to their guests but private accommodations make it your responsibility. There are local agencies in the city centers that specialize in assisting in this little but important step.

Security Tips for Travel to Russia

Regardless if you are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, or Barnaul the same general rule of thumb applies to be mindful of your surroundings and to keep track of your valuables. This also means do not travel with your passport in/near your wallet in the event that you lose your wallet. Russia is generally known for being a very safe and well-protected country.

Travel Tips for Russia: Time zones and Currency

Russia is the largest country in the world and currently has 11 time zones. When the easternmost regions move to the Magadan time zone their time difference with Kaliningrad will be reduced to nine hours difference. St. Petersburg is eight hours ahead of U.S. eastern standard time.

The ruble is the currency in Russia.

There are no airlines that offer direct flights from St. Petersburg and America. Thus American and Canadian tourists will most likely reach St. Petersburg by air. Travelers will have to take a connecting flight from one of about 30 European or Asian cities. From here visitors will arrive at Pulkovo 2 Airport which is ten miles (16 kilometers) south of the city. Alternatively, some may travel by sea, rail, or bus connections through other big European cities.