Best Credit Card with Travel Protection?

Every credit card company offers different benefits, and each has a different version of fine print. The fine print could either save you or cost you thousands of dollars in the event of an accident abroad. On the contrary, travel protection more clearly outlines what coverage is available.

If you think your credit card, auto, or health insurance is a golden ticket to ensure your coverage abroad, it is wise to re-evaluate. Know it is highly recommended to have travel insurance, for a full list of trusted insurance providers, click here.

Emergencies Abroad

Read the fine print in regards to emergencies abroad of whichever insurance you have and see where the gaps are and can be covered with a travel protection plan. Simply put: Many credit card companies only cover expenses purchased with a card.

Best Credit Cards with best in class Travel Insurance

Some credit card companies provide good traveler insurance and some of them are not so good.  Cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred provide up on $10,000.00 if your trip is canceled due to sickness or severe weather.

What is the Best Credit Card for Travel Protection?

Look for answers to the following questions within your current coverage plan before vetoing the idea of getting travel protection from a reputable travel insurance company:

Travel Emergencies:

  • What is the cost of my trip to my insurance? Does my trip exceed that?
  • In case of delays, will extra expenses like hotel stays, meals, and taxi fares be included with my insurance?
  • If my luggage goes missing, will the insurance cover the cost?
  • In the event my luggage goes missing, will I get reimbursed for essential personal items to help me enjoy my trip?
  • Is trip cancellation and interruption a part of my insurance? If so, what are the reasons to cancel or interrupt my trip?

Medical/Emergency Situations:

  • Is emergency medical/dental and evacuation from the country part of the deductible?
  • Is that amount enough to cover the duration of my trip?
  • If I become ill or sustain some form of injury while traveling, do I have the option to go to the nearest hospital of my choice?
  • Are pre-existing medical conditions covered? Which ones?
  • Does my credit card/home/auto insurance extend to my children (travel companions) at no additional cost to my insurance?

After researching and finding the answers to these questions, we think you will be able to make a more educated decision on whether you need travel protection insurance. You can also conclude whether you, your travel companions, your trip itinerary, and your luggage are worth the money it would take to protect when traveling internationally.


Travel protection insurance can provide peace of mind when it comes to making sure your trip is safe and secure. It helps cover you in the event of medical emergencies, missed connections, lost luggage, and more. Before purchasing a policy, you should look into which type of policy best suits your needs.  Be sure to understand any exclusions or special conditions they may have as well. Consider all of your options and conduct thorough research to make the best decision for you. We hope that by providing answers


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