Travel Tips: 3 Ways to Stay Abroad

So you’ve been abroad and gotten a taste of the good life, but perhaps you aren’t ready to head home. So often we believe that when the trip is over the travel experience has to end. It doesn’t have to end. Every year thousands of travelers contact us to help them with their passport and visa issues so they can stay abroad. Here are three ways to stay abroad on a budget.

3 Ways to Stay Abroad on a Budget

1.) HelpX

Stay AbroadIf you’re on a tight budget or want to learn new skills, create a HelpX profile at Here you can exchange anywhere from 4-6 hours of work a day for a free accommodation and meals depending on the listing. It’s free to create a profile, but you are only allowed to browse with this limited access. Upgrade to a premium account for $20 in order to message people. The best part is that your profile will be valid for two years for that price! There are organic farm stays, business accommodations, backpacker hostels, bed and breakfasts among many other options for your stay. Every profile and the potential worker gets and gives reviews, so read from other avid travelers first hand what the experience will be like before you decide.

2.) Au Pair

Becoming an au pair, or a full-time nanny is something that is not as popular in the western world as it is in Europe and other countries. It is more common than not that these au pairs are taking a year off of school or work to travel, and what’s better than that? Au pair’s typically live with a host family, work 4-8 hours a day with children in exchange for a free accommodation and meals plus a little spending money. Become an au pair through several different websites online such as This is not limited to just females! Families all over the world are seeking native English speakers to help raise their children to understand English.

3.) Study Abroad

study abroad tipsStudy abroad is the one thing I wish I did when I was in college” – says nearly everyone. Don’t let this affordable opportunity to see the world slip out of your fingertips. Universities may not be aggressive about getting students to study abroad, however, once you begin to search you may find that there are so many scholarships or even a foreign exchange student plan for you to go abroad at the same price (if not better) than what you pay at your home university. Whether it’s for one summer, 4 weeks, a semester or a year studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime.
Traveling overseas doesn’t have to break your budget. All you need is your valid passport, and a modest budget with some good strategies to help keep you abroad. Use these travel tips to stay abroad on a budget. You’ll never regret the time you lived and traveled abroad, even if you have to spread out every last penny in order to see how the rest of the world is living.



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