Travel Tips: The Best European Castle

Things To Know Before Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neueschwanstein Castle is one of the most popular palaces to visit in Europe with nearly 1.4 million visitors each year to see this fairy-tale castle in real life. In the summer this castle receives around 6,000 visitors a day! Visiting this historical beauty can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out our travel tips so your trip to the best European Castle fulfills your dreams of a fairytale castle. You’ll fall in love with this European wonder and you just may decide you never want to leave!

Travel Tips: The Best European Castle

1. Buy your tickets ahead of time
Like any large attraction, the lines are incredibly long. So, expect to be waiting a long time unless you buy your tickets ahead of time. If you don’t buy them ahead of time, then the ticket center will assign you one when you get there. Which could be troublesome if you are on schedule. This time works on a first come, first serve basis. If you order the ticket online ahead of time upgrade to the option of securing your time.
2. You’ll be Arriving in Hohenschwangau and find parking ASAP!
The Neuschwanstein Castle sits in the tiny village of Hohenschwangau Germany that is basically dedicated to the tourism that the castle brings. There are smaller attractions for visitors such as the Hohenschwangau Castle, shops, restaurants, and where you will be parking for your visit! Therefore, right when you arrive make parking your first priority! Once you’re out and about, there are busses and horse carriages that will take you around.
3. Cross the Marienbrücke Bridge
Cross the bridge for an outstanding view of the castle with the Alpsee Lake in the background- if you dare. The bridge was renovated and reopened in July 2016, so it should be more sturdy than in the past. Nevertheless, this bridge hangs between two cliffs. It is just a few minutes walk down a trail towards the entrance of the castle. The views of the castle from here are breathtaking! Underneath your feet, there is so much wildlife and even a waterfall!
4. The castle is unfinished
The second floor of the castle was incomplete during King Ludwig II’s lifetime. At the time of its conception and even now, Ludwig’s vision was larger than life. and took much longer than he presumes for it to be built. The second floor now has a gift shop and a restaurant which is pretty great because of the beautiful views it offers.
5. King Ludwig II never wanted tourism in his castle
King Ludwig II was a mysterious man who lived a mysterious life and died a mysterious death. He wanted this fairytale-like castle to escape to and enjoy private performances seeing as he was a lover of the arts. Towards the end of his life, Ludwig lived a private life and never wanted to share his beautiful castle with outsiders or other royals. Thus, he never intended his castle to be touring as it is today. Only 7 weeks after his death the castle was opened up to share its glory with the rest of the world.