Why You Need To Stop What You’re Doing and Travel To Brazil

As the upcoming host of the Olympic Games, travel to Brazil is currently booming. Rio de Janeiro is flourishing with high spirits and so much to do for visitors. As a result of the combination of its phenomenal weather, thousands of beaches, greatest parties in the world, and historic sites both locals and people who live here are always in good spirits. Travel to Brazil is easy now during the Olympics. U.S. Travelers only need a valid passport to travel to Brazil. Visas are not required for travel to Brazil during the 2016 Olympics. Brazilian Immigration has announced a visa waiver program for those coming for tourism from June 1-September 18, 2016.  Visit the Brazilian Consulate website for more information. But for now, read on to see why you need to travel to Brazil this summer!

Travel to Brazil- the people

1.) The people and their culture

Since its beginning Brazilian culture has been a diverse mix of ethnic and cultural heritage with one thing in common: they love tourists! Seeing as tourism is a vital part of their countries economy Brazilians make it their priority to ensure travelers feel at home. It has been said that they make visitors feel like they never want them to leave.

Travel to Brazil carnival2.) The entertainment

If attending Carnival is not on your bucket list, revise your bucket list. This is a countrywide 5 day celebration that is gradually drawing more and more attention to travelers. However, there is more much to the Brazilian event calendar than Carnival. Brazil is also climbing up the chart for the best places to spend New Years. Their Reveillon is their NYE celebration and is said to be as much fun as attending Carnival. Local’s and visitors are always in a great mood, it’s truly hard to have anything but a good time in Brazil.

Travel to Brazil beaches3.) The beaches

There are more than 2000 Brazilian beaches for travelers to choose from seeing as they stretch all along Brazil’s shoreline. In addition there are more than 500 picturesque island paradises to chose from for a relaxing day after all of the celebrating the evening before. The beach options are seemingly endless to visitors!

Travel to Brazil rio

4.) Pink Dolphins, Christ the Redeemer and more!

Remember when spotting a humpback whale impressed you? In Brazil visitors can catch a peek at the endangered speeches of the Pink River Dolphins, also known as Boto. They are the largest freshwater dolphins in the world at 2.7 meters long and over 130 kilograms in weight! Brazil is also home to many 17th century historic sites and the infamous Christ the Redeemer who stretches his arms over the heart of the city and stands over 30 meters in height.
Grab your passport and hop on the next flight. Travel to Brazil is at an all time high and you should be there too!



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