How To Use A Company Letter For Expediting Passport Applications

If you are applying for a new passport or passport renewal and are planning to travel in the immediate future, you may apply for the expedited passport processing service. Applicants who want to apply for expedited processing are required to:

  • be traveling within two weeks, or traveling within four weeks and need to apply for an entry visa
  • make an appointment to apply at a passport agency or passport center
  • provide proof of immediate travel
  • pay an expedited processing fee

If you are unable to provide airline tickets or a travel itinerary as proof of immediate travel, you may submit a company letter instead. A company letter is an official document from your company or relevant organization that proves you require expedited passport processing for immediate international travel.

These are the rules for company letters:

  • must be printed on an official company letterhead
  • must be signed by an official from your company (cannot be signed by yourself)
  • must include your name and company position
  • must include the purpose of your trip
  • must include the destination of your trip
  • must include intended departure date within 14 days
  • must explain why you are unable to provide an airline ticket or itinerary
  • must include the earliest date you need your passport

Here is a sample company letter that you can use as a template for your own application:


U.S. Passport Agency
U.S. Department of State

New York Passport Agency
44132 Mercure Cir.
P.O. Box 1122
Sterling, VA 20166-1122

RE: Expedited Passport Application Processing for Immediate Travel

To Whom it May Concern,

(Name) is employed by (Company Name) as a (Company Position). He/She requires a new passport in order to travel abroad for business purposes. He/She will be traveling to (Country Name) in order to (Purpose of Travel). He/She will be departing on (Date) and intends to return to the United States on (Date). 

Due to the sudden nature of this (Purpose of Travel), (Name) was unable to apply for a passport through the regular application process. He/She is requesting expedited passport processing due to this urgent international departure.

Should you have any questions regarding his/her business travel, please contact me at (business telephone number). Thank you for your assistance with this expedited passport request.


(original ink signature)
(Name of company representative other than the applicant)
(job title)