American Somoa Visa – How To Apply For An American Samoan Visa

GENERIC VISA INFORMATIONBefore you travel out of the United States for any reason, there are always a number of important things to keep in mind. If you’re planning on visiting American Somoa, an American Somoa visa is not required so long as you have up to date and accurate proof of your United States citizenship. This is because American Somoa is officially known as an unincorporated territory of the United States.

However, you’ll still want to make sure that your passport is valid before traveling. Most countries require that your passport be valid for a full 90 days after your departure. You’ll also want to take steps to confirm that you have enough blank visa pages for the trip. Experts recommend that you keep two full pages free at all times to accommodate for your travel plans.

You’ll also want to check your flight itinerary to make sure that no countries that you may be stopping in before you get to American Somoa require a visa of any kind. Remember that you can always use expedited passport services to take care of any of these or other issues prior to your journey. You can use expedited services to renew an existing passport, apply for a new one, order blank pages for your passport and other important tasks to help make sure that your trip goes off without delay.

American Somoa Embassy & Consulate Information

Embassy & ConsulateAddressPhone Number
Embassy of American Somoa in Hawaii
1427 Dillingham Blvd. Suite 210
Hawaii, 96817
United States

Additional American Somoa Information

CapitalPago Pago
CurrencyUnited States dollar(USD)
ElectricityVoltage: n/a
Frequency: n/a
Power sockets: n/a
Country Code1+684
Time ZoneSamoa Standard Time (SST) (UTC-11)



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