Botswana Visa – How To Apply For A Motswana Visa

It’s always a good idea to make sure that all of your necessary travel documents are in order to help make sure that you don’t experience any type of delay when traveling overseas. If you’re traveling to Botswana from the United States, for example, a Botswana Visa (tourist, or business) is not required.

Despite this, there are still a number of important steps that you should take to help make sure that your trip goes well without delay. You’ll need to check the validity of your current United States passport to make sure that it will remain valid for at least 90 full days after your trip officially begins. You’ll also want to go through and make sure that you have at least two full blank visa pages, which will be necessary for any stamps or stickers that are required when you get into Botswana.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that any country that you are stopping in on your way from the United States Botswana does not have any specific passport or visa requirements that you may need to make accommodations for.

Expedited passport services in your area are an invaluable tool to help make sure that you can quickly renew a passport, apply for a new one, obtain more blank visa pages and perform other important tasks before your trip begins.

Botswana Visa Embassy & Consulate Information

Consulate General of Botswana in Washington DC
1531-1533 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
United States


Additional Botswana Information

CurrencyPula (BWP)


ElectricityVoltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power sockets: type D/G
Country Code+267
Time Zone
Central Africa Time(UTC+2)
Summer (DST)not observed (UTC)