Brunei Darussalam Visa – How To Apply For A Bruneian Visa

GENERIC VISA INFORMATIONThe first step that you should always take prior to the start of a trip around the world involves making sure that all of your necessary travel paperwork is in order. If you’re a United States citizen who is traveling to Brunei Darussalam, for example, a Brunei Darussalam Visa (as a tourist visa or business visa) will not be required so long as your trip does not exceed 90 days in length. An official Brunei Darussalam Visa, however, is required.

You can start the official visa application process online by downloading and filling out the necessary application form. In addition to that completed form you will need to submit your original, signed United States passport for consideration. It will need to remain valid for at least six months after your trip begins.

You will also need to submit one passport style photograph, which you can obtain from any United States Post Office location in your area. You will also need a letter from the United States Department of State or equivalent agency addressed to the Brunei Darussalam Embassy in Washington, DC that explains the reason you’re traveling in the first place.

Expedited passport services in your area are an invaluable tool to help make sure that you can quickly renew a passport, apply for a new one, obtain more blank visa pages and perform other important tasks before your trip begins.

Brunei Darussalam Visa Embassy & Consulate Information

Embassy & ConsulateAddressPhone Number
Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Washington DC3520 International Court N.W.
United States
Consulate General Brunei Darussalam In New York771, United Nations Plaza
1st Avenue, New York
New York 10017
United States

Additional Bhutan Information

CapitalThimphu is the nation largest city, and capital of the Bhutan.
CurrencyBrunei dollar (BND)
LanguageBrunei Maly, Malay, Tutong, Kedayan, Belait, Murut, Dusan, Bisaya
Electricity240V, 50 Hz, Socket G
Country Code+973
Time ZoneBDT (UTC+8)



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