Central Africa Republic Visa – Visa & Travel Requirements

Central African Republic Visa Requirements

The Central Africa Republic is a land-locked African country bordered by a number of other nations, each with different passport and visa requirements. If you are traveling to CAR from the United States, you will require a Central Africa Republic visa and current passport. The country also stipulates your passport book must have a full page available for the entry stamp. Additionally, all currency being carried must be declared upon entry.

Your passport and visa must be presented upon entry with proof of yellow fever vaccination. The U.S. Department of State indicates it is unaware of any current HIV/AIDS restrictions on entry for foreign residents. This agency also recommends you check with the CAR embassy in Washington, D.C. for the latest entry restrictions and requirements. The embassy phone number is (202) 483-7800, and the fax number is (202) 332-9893.

Visitors should also be aware of the current Central Republic African Republic Travel Warning. As of September 15, 2014, there are only limited operations and services at the U.S. Embassy located in Bangui, with no consular services available for U.S. citizens.

Even with a proper entry visa, you will need the appropriate permissions and documents to travel outside of Bangui, especially in the southwest.

You can learn more about how to apply for or update your passport at a local U.S.P.S. office, including how to use expedited services.

Central African Republic Embassy

Embassy & Consulate Address Phone Number
Embassy of Central African Republic

in Washington DC

1618 – 22nd Street, NW
Washington DC 20008
United States

Additional Central African Republic Information

Capital Bangui
Currency Central African CFA franc (XAF)
Language Sango
Electricity Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power sockets: type C / E
Country Code +238
Time Zone WAT (UTC+1)