Greenland Visa – How To Apply For A Greenlander Visa

GENERIC VISA INFORMATIONTraveling to Greenland in the near future? A Greenland visa will not be required to do so for up to 90 days. If you are a United States citizen, you will not need a visa to visit Greenland. Though a visa is not necessary for travel to Greenland, you will need to ensure the following are in order.

Check passport validity – All travelers to Greenland will need a passport that is valid for at least 90 days after they depart Greenland. The ideal amount of validity time that should be left on your passport when you depart a country should be roughly 6 months.

Blank visa pages – Greenland any along with many other countries require at least two blank visa pages in your passport book when you arrive and depart Greenland. This will permit any necessary stamps that will need to be stamped in your passport during your travel.

Transit Visa – Sometimes a transit visa is required when traveling to a country on a connecting flight. Countries that your fight stops at overseas may need to see a transit visa when connecting flights.

Greenland will allow students coming into the country with student visas to do so 30 days preceding the start of their studies. In addition, students with student visas will be allowed to stay in Greenland for 14 days after they finish their studies. Some Schengen countries will allow students to travel there with expired student visas, be sure to check with each Schengen country’s immigration before traveling there to ensure you avoid any issues with your travel.

Greenland Embassy & Consulate Information

Embassy & ConsulateAddressPhone Number
Embassy of Greenland in Washington DC
3200 Whitehaven Street, N.W.
District of Columbia
United States
Consulate General of Greenland in
875 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 3950
United States
Consulate General of Greenland in
 New York

One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 885 Second Avenue, 18th Floor
New York, NY
United States

Additional Greenland Information

CurrencyDanish Krone
ElectricityVoltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power sockets: type C/E/F/K
Country Code1+299
Time Zone(UTC+0 to −4)



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