Saint Martin Visa – How To Apply For A Saint-Martinois Visa

GENERIC VISA INFORMATIONIs your next destination Saint Martin? You will not need to obtain a Saint Martin Visa in order to travel to Saint Martin for up to 90 days. Make sure that your current passport is up to date to avoid any issues in Saint Martin. Also, you will be able to use a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative or WHTI travel document when traveling to and from the United States Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. WHTI documents include a NEXUS card, Merchant Mariner Document, Enhanced Driver’s License, FAST, or SENTRI card, and/or a valid passport card. Only NEXUS and Merchant Marnier documents can be used for air travel.

If using a passport, make sure that all the guidelines mentioned below are fulfilled if necessary.

Check passport validity – All travelers that visit Saint Martin will have to provide a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after they leave Saint Martin. The amount of validity time that should be on your passport when you leave a country is around 180 days or 6 months.

Blank visa pages – Saint Martin, as well as many other countries request at least (2) blank visa pages in your passport book when you arrive in and exit Saint Martin. This will allow any essential stamps to be stamped into your passport by Saint Martin immigration officials while you are traveling.

Transit Visa –Sometimes, when stopping in a country for a layover flight, travelers are asked to provide a transit visa. Contact your airline company to confirm the specifics of your flight.

Saint Martin Embassy & Consulate Information

Embassy & ConsulateAddressPhone Number
Embassy of Saint Martin
4200 Linnean Avenue NW
D.C. 20008
United States

Additional Saint Martin Information

ElectricityVoltage: 220 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power sockets: type E



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