Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Visa – How To Apply For A Vincentian Visa

GENERIC VISA INFORMATIONWill you be traveling to beautiful Saint Vincent Grenadines? If so, you will not have to acquire a Saint Vincent Grenadines visa in order to visit Saint Vincent Grenadines for up to 1 month for tourism and business purposes. However, a valid and up to date passport, though not necessary for travel to Saint Vincent Grenadines, maybe be necessary for other countries.

If you are going to Saint Vincent Grenadines on a closed-loop cruise, (cruises that begin and end in US) you will not need to provide a passport to do so. Keep in mind, if wish to get off the cruise ship and venture onto an island that you visit for leisure or due to an emergency, you may have to provide your passport when doing so to avoid difficulties. Things to keep in mind about your United States Passport before your trip to Saint Vincent Grenadines are listed below.

Passport Validity- Make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity left on it after your trip to Saint Vincent Grenadines. This will prevent any issues from arising when traveling to other countries while visiting Saint Vincent Grenadines.

Blank Visa Pages- It is required by many countries to have at least (2) blank visa pages in passport books. This will allow for any necessary stamps that will need to be put into your passport book.

Transit Visa- If traveling by plane to Saint Vincent Grenadines, you may have to connect flights in another country before you arrive in Saint Vincent Grenadines. Sometimes, countries will require a transit visa when connecting flights. Be sure to double-check with your airline provider.

Saint Vincent Grenadines Embassy and Consulate Information

Embassy & ConsulateAddressPhone Number
Embassy of
Saint Vincent Grenadines – United States
3216 New Mexico Ave, NW
D.C. 20016
United States

Additional Saint Vincent Grenadines Information

CurrencyEastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
ElectricityVoltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power sockets: type G
Country Code+1 784
Time ZoneUTC-4



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