United Arab Republic Visa – How To Apply For A United Arab Republic Visa

GENERIC VISA INFORMATIONWill you or a family member travel to United Arab Emirates? If so, you will need to obtain a United Arab Emirates visa. Travelers who will be spending 30 days or less in United Arab Emirates, will be able to obtain a visa at the port of entry when entering into United Arab Emirates free of charge. If a traveler will be staying more than 30 days in United Arab Emirates, then they will need to apply for a visa before they arrive in United Arab Emirates. Also, a full medical examination will be required for work, and residence visas, included in the medical examination will be an HIV/AIDS test. A United State HIV/AIDS test will not be accepted, travelers will have to be tested upon arrival.

Also, you passport should be in order before you decide to travel to United Arab Emirates. Below you will find guidelines that should be fulfilled regarding your passport.

Check passport validity – Those traveling to United Arab Emirates will need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after they exit United Arab Emirates. We recommend a validity time of roughly 6 months.

Blank visa pages – United Arab Emirates, as well as many other countries, require a minimum of (2) blank visa pages in your passport book when you arrive and depart Guadeloupe. This will accommodate any visa stamps that will need to be stamped in your passport while you travel.

Transit Visa – Sometimes a transit visa is required when traveling to a country on a connecting flight. Specify the specifics of your flight to verify if you will need a transit visa or not.

Now regarding a United Arab Emirates visa, travelers from the United States saying 30 days or less, do not have the option of submitting documentations before they arrive in United Arab Emirates. They will be issued a visa upon arrival.

United Arab Emirates Embassy & Consulate Information

Embassy & ConsulateAddressPhone Number
Embassy of
United Arab Emirates
3522 International Court, NW, Suite 400
District of Columbia
United States
Consulate of
United Arab Emirates
3 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 305 East 47th St, 7th Floor
NY 10017
New York
United States

Additional United Arab Emirates Information

CapitalAbu Dhabi
CurrencyUAE Dirham (AED)
ElectricityVoltage: 240 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power sockets: type G
Country Code+971
Time ZoneGST (UTC+4)



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