Royal Caribbean Cruises “Voyager of the Seas”

As a general rule, anyone entering the United States is required to display a current, valid passport. This rule applies even to American citizens who are re-entering the country, whether by land, air or sea. Consequently, passengers on Royal Caribbean “Voyager of the Seas” cruises should bring their passports with them on their journeys. But although the cruise line strongly recommends passengers carry passports, there is an important exception to the Royal Caribbean Cruises Voyager of the Seas passport requirements.

Passengers on cruises that start and end at the same port in the United States are allowed to re-enter the country using identification documents other than a passport. Specifically, passengers without passports are allowed to prove their citizenship by providing both an official birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license or a military ID. An official birth certificate should have a raised seal and a signature attesting to its authenticity, and the photo ID should not be expired.

Passengers should know that alternative proofs of citizenships cannot be used on cruises that start and end in different cities, even if both cities are in the United States. For example, alternative documents cannot be used for re-entry on a cruise that departs from Miami, visits the Bahamas and then returns to New Orleans. Alternative documents could only be used if the cruise begins and ends in Miami (or another American port). Given the narrow scope of this exception to the requirements, passengers are strongly advised to carry a passport.