Ways to Expedite Your Passport Renewal Application

Passport Offices

Passport OfficesHave you ever prepared for a vacation to only find out your passport is expired? You feel the panic begin to set in. Strapped for time, you need a new passport as soon as possible. Don’t panic.

There are a few different ways to expedite the process to get your emergency passport in your hands in time for your trip.

Expedited Passport Renewal by Mail

If you have more than two weeks to renew your passport, you can opt for this method. You can download and print the application form to fill out at home or ask for a renewal form from your local post office. Once you have completed and gone through the form, you can send it in along with the rest of the necessary items, such as passport photos and payment method.

Be sure to pay the expedited fee and overnight delivery. This way is ideal for people needs a passport in a rush. Also, for others who do not have the time to visit a regular processing center.

Expedited Passport Renewal by Passport Agency

If you need your passport in less than two weeks for any international travel, you will need to make an appointment to submit your passport application in person. Since you will be dealing with the passport agency in person, the process will be faster. When your paperwork is filed, the Regional Passport Agency would be able to get your passport same day.

Make sure to check the US Department of State travel website to bring all the necessary paperwork. Also, have the payment to make the process go as smooth as possible. It can definitely be a hassle to make an appointment and travel to an agency to expedite your passport renewal, so have patience and also a lot yourself enough time to get it done.

Expedited Renewal with Passport Expediter

If you don’t have the time to mail your application, or you are nowhere near a regional passport agency, don’t fret, there is still a way for you can expedite passport renewal in time for your trip. There are privately owned companies, such as Fastport Passport that are authorized to submit passport applications on behalf of their clients. It cuts your wait time in half and you can do this on your own time and terms.

Of course, there is the disadvantage of having to pay extra for the company’s service. But, this will allow you to run other errands you need to get done before your trip.

The majority of the responsibility will be on you to bring all the necessary paperwork. The company will make sure there are no hiccups in the process. Once the transaction is complete, you will have your renewed passport and be ready to travel.