Why You Should Travel With Strangers

Travel With Strangers

Travel With StrangersYour mother taught you not to talk to strangers, but traveling may be the exception to this rule. Traveling and engaging with new people is the best way to learn and grow as a person. Once abroad, there are so many opportunities to travel to foreign cities with complete strangers in a safe, structured way. There are companies who publicize via Facebook groups and travel sites that encourage you to take trips to new cities with new people. Whether it is a trip comprised of students within 100 km of your university or from your department of study these trips exist.

There are also group trips that are for single, solo, or holiday travelers, and even groups for a particular age group. However it is seldom that travelers think exploring with strangers is a good idea, but this kind of thought comes from those who have never challenged themselves and done it. After all, it’s only one weekend or a week of your life. You may discover a whole new world of travel opportunities when you travel with strangers. Here are a few reasons you should give yourself this incredible experience.

Travel With StrangersWhy You Should Travel With Strangers

You learn new perspectives.

These trips are so great because you meet people from different countries with different backgrounds and nationalities that you otherwise would probably never meet. How we as humans think about cities and cultures is formed from what we are taught and our experiences. This kind of trip offers a unique way to expose you to new perspectives on the city you’re visiting as well as how you view yourself as a functioning member of society. Plus, it’s a lot easier to be adventurous when you’re pushing your comfort zones.


You learn more about your travel destination.

Say you are traveling to Rome. What you learned about Rome’s history, art, and culture may differ completely from someone who went to school in another country. Therefore you learn so much more about the area you are in as well as some about the country or city they came from! Use these travel opportunities to grow as a person and understand someone’s perspective. 


You make travel connections.

New friends means a free place to stay when you are a traveler! These new friendships may also encourage you to travel to cities you never considered before. For example, because you were so open minded and went on a weekend trip to Rome with ‘strangers’ you now have a place to stay in Cologne, Germany or in Mexico! These types of trips appeal to other open minded travelers who are more than likely from somewhere completely different than where you’re from. Not only that, but you have a local guide the next time you are in their country or city. You can’t beat that!


You learn to share and share to learn

The best way to learn is through stories. Sharing your culture and ideas with someone is a win-win. When you share stories of your home city with photos and memories with someone they learn about you and your culture, and vice versa. Also, chances are you will never run out of things to talk about because you can talk about the topic you know the best (yourself), or the experiences around you that you are sharing in that moment. And who knows, you just may find a new place you want to visit because you made a new friend from a strange new land.


You make life long friends

These types of trips are so exciting because you have no idea who you’re going to meet! Also they bring together people who otherwise would probably never meet. Sharing this feeling of traveling to a foreign place really brings people together in the most beautiful way.


Any time you travel abroad, you should be aware of the risks. Travel smart and make sure you enroll in STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program). So grab your passport and visas and hit the road with an open mind. Travel with strangers and experience a fresh perspective abroad.