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The Expedited Passport Help Guide

Thinking about traveling outside the United States? Expired or not? Then there’s a couple of options for you to expedite a U.S. passport quickly online. The process is simple and secure if you meet all the State Department requirements.

Routine Passport Applications
According to the Department of State, routine applications can take as long as 4-6 weeks to process and receive the passport from the date of application is submitted to the State Department.

Most routine applications can be submitted by mail or you can apply at a local passport offices. In such cases the routine application time-frame will apply. By paying an additional expedite fee, you can get the passport sooner (in about 2-3 weeks). For current application and expedite fees.

Expedited Passport Service
Traveling out of the country in less than 2 weeks or applying for a foreign visa? Then their are only two option for you to obtain your passport quickly, which is applying at a regional passport agency, and second applying with our recommended passport courier service.

Both options would be able to get your expedited passport on time for only international departure. By applying via the Regional Passport Agency An appointment is required and you are required to submit proof of travel in certain regional passport agencies. To call for an appointment dial 877-487-2778. Priority may be given in certain life and death or emergency situations as deemed necessary by the passport agency and are not guaranteed.

The expedite fee is required if the application is submitted at the regional passport agency. The Department of State also recommends that individuals seeking expedited service pay an additional fee for overnight return service. Refer to the Department of State’s website (travel.state.gov) for an up-to-date listing of agency fees.

The second option is applying with a registered passport expediting company. These are private agencies affiliated with regional passport offices nationwide which can greatly reduce the amount of waiting time due to their handling of bulk applications. They can not only help you with securing your U.S. passport on time, but also various visa application and procedures for foreign traveler. Some can even secure an international driving permit. Note private expediting companies charge a service fee on top of the government fee. The fees can range from $99 for 10-12 day service up to $299 for next business day service. They also offer unique logistical shipping options including Fedex and airport to airport delivery.

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