Passport Name Change

Did you just got married or maybe divorced, requesting a passport name changes from and State Department is a simply process. In order to do a passport name change you need to have all the follow documents in place before applying for a name change. Usually couples who just got married and change their last name to their husband’s name would need to file the required documents to have their name changed.

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Everyone who are submitting a passport name change need to submit the following documents  current valid United States passport, a passport photo,  a certified form showing your name change such as marriage certificate.

Requirements for Passport Name Change

If Your Passport is issued Less Than a Year

If Your Passport is Issued More Than 1 Year

No Documents  Available for Passport Name Change
Note: Three  public record that show place and Date of Birth

Time Frame for Getting a Passport Name Change would depend on where and when you file your application for damage passport using the DS-82 Application Form for Passport Renewal. Usually it could take as much as six weeks or  even longer to get your U.S. damage passport renewed.