U.S. Passport Application – Guide to U.S. Passport Forms [2021]

Where to get a PDF passport application form?  Finding the correct passport form can sometimes be complicated with different passport forms requiring different passport requirements and PDF readers. The following guide below will try to make the process simple to finding the correct U.S. passport application. If you are a U.S. citizen who is looking to obtain a passport you will need to know what passport services you need before downloading your passport forms. Some of the various passport applications forms are (for more information click these links):

These passport applications could also be found at your nearest post offices that process passport applications.

Passport Applications By Type

Non-Applying Parental Consent-Form DS-5525 The DS5525 is the parental consent application form for anyone who is applying without one of the child’s parents.
Name Change-Form DS-5504 Name change form is used when applying for a new or renewing an existing passport and you have recently been married or divorced where your name has recently been changed.
New Passport-Form DS-11 DS11 Application Form is used when applying, for a new passport or your passport has been expired for more than 15 years.
Child Passport-Form DS-11 A child’s passport is only valid for 5 years. This passport cannot be renewed you will always need to use the DS11 for New Passport Form.
Renewal Passport-Form DS-82 DS-82 Application for Passport Renewal is used your passport has expired and needs to be renewed.
Statement of Consent-Form-DS-3053 Statement of Consent-Form-DS-3053 is used when applying for a child passport and have a special circumstance. Stolen Passport-Form DS-64 DS-64 is used when reporting your passport as lost or stolen once you submit an application DS-64 this notify the government that your passport is lost or stolen.
Additional Visa Pages-Form DS4085 You are no longer able to apply to add visa pages to your passport.
Proof of Identity
Passport Photo With any passport application, you will first need to obtain a recent passport photo.

Key Facts Regarding U.S. Passport Applications

  • Most forms come with complete instructions. You should read these before completing the forms.
  • Many of the forms can be filled out electronically via a third party but then must be printed for submission.
  • The forms are color-coded. Please be sure to compare the photos of the forms below to the form you use.

U.S. Passport Application Forms

DS-11 Form for New Passport

The DS-11 Application is for U.S. citizens who need to get a new passport or a passport that was stolen, lost, and/or expired for more than 5 years.

The State Department has made changes to the application form where the applicant can now fill out the form, and download a barcoded copy of the application DS-11 form.

Common DS-11 Links

DS-82 Form for Passport Renewal

The DS82 Application is for U.S. citizen who needs to obtain a passport renewal form. This application form is only used for an adult passport where the passport has not been expired for any more than 5 years.

Common DS-82 Links

DS-3053 Statement of Consent

The DS3053 Application is for Parents of U.S. citizens who would not be able to present their children’s passport application to the passport agency. This form would need to be signed and notarized to be present to the passport agency.

Common DS-3053 Links

DS-60 Affidavit Change of Name Passport Application

The DS-60 Affidavit of Change of Name is required when submitting a passport application with the following issues (1) your name is different than what is shown on your proof of citizenship or (2) has changed without court proceedings, and was not done by marriage.

Common DS-60 Links

DS-64 Lost or Stolen Passport Application Form

The DS-64 application is used when you have lost a valid passport book and need to notify the State Department that your passport book has become lost or stolen. This form is required if you need to obtain a new passport using the new passport form.

Common DS-64 Links

DS-4085 Additional Visa Pages Form

The DS-4085 Application is used when you need to add more pages to your valid passport book. This is a short application where it’s just one page long.

Common DS-4085 Links

DS-5504 Passport Name Change and Correction Application Form

The DS-5504 Passport Form is used when you need to change the name and fix errors in your passport book. This application form newly married couples and anyone who was divorced and would need to update the passport with the correct name.

Common DS-5504 Links

DS-5525 Non-Applying Parent Consent Form

The DS-5525 Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances is an application form for non-applying parents who are looking to obtain a passport for a child where the other parent/guardian consent could not be obtained.

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