How to Get a New Passport?

A young woman holding her new passport, wearing a backpack

Traveling the world begins with one simple document: a U.S. passport.

Where do you get a new passport? What’s the process like for U.S. citizens applying for their passport? These are some of the most common questions our visitors ask, which is why we’ve created this easy-to-understand guide. In it, you’ll learn everything about getting a new U.S. passport from the application process to its costs, U.S. passport services, and more.

To begin, the first thing you should check is the criteria listed below to verify the requirements for your new passport. This will ensure you have all the necessary documents required when applying for a passport in the United States. It will also ensure you meet the necessary requirements as a citizen.

By following the steps below, you will be able to submit an application form DS-11 application for a new passport. So, if you have proof of citizenship or naturalization proving you’re a US Citizen, then dive right in and get excited because, before long, you’ll get to explore the world!

Note: During Covid 19 pandemic the United State Department is processing passport applications.

What Documents Do You Need to Get a U.S. Passport?

It’s surprisingly easy to get a U.S. passport given you have the necessary documents.

Prior to submitting your new passport application, you should verify you meet the requirements, and download a ds-11 application form, passport photos, and any proof to prove you are a United States citizen. Once you submit all the required passport documents along with the new passport form it would take about four to six weeks to get your new passport back.

We have listed the required documents below that must be provided to successfully get a new passport.

Requirements for a New Passport

  1. Confirm  New Passport Eligibility
  2. Gather Required Documents
    1. DS-11 Form for New Passport
    2. Proof of Citizenship
    3. Passport Photos
  3. Determine how fast you need to get your new passport
  4. Depending on how quickly you need your passport, you may have to visit the passport offices or the regional passport agency.

Confirm New Passport Eligibility

There are different passport requirements that you must satisfy regarding your eligibility to use Form DS-11 to obtain a new passport. Rules vary depending on your status such as adult or minor.

You can get a new passport if any of the followings apply:

  • If you are applying for your first U.S. passport
  • If your previous U.S. passport was issued when you were under age 16
  • If your previous U.S. passport was lost, stolen, or damaged
  • If your previous U.S. passport was issued more than 15 years ago
  • If your name has changed since your U.S. passport was issued and you are unable to legally document your name change

Gathering Required Documents for a Passport

Passport requirements differ according to age. Minors, under the age of 16 must appear with their guardians or with a special parental consent form.

Note: These requirements listed above only pertain to adult passports age 16 and older. If you are 15 years old or younger, please visit the passport for children section of our site.

Visiting a Passport Acceptance Agent

Once your application for a new passport is completed, you will have to visit your local passport acceptance agency in your area for a State Department representative to witness your new passport application signature.

❕ Our website has a complete database with all acceptance agents in the United States you would be able to find the acceptance agent nearby here.

Once this is completed, and you have paid your execution fee to the local acceptance agency you will then have your passport processed in any of the following methods.

How Much Would a New U.S. Passport Cost?

When applying for a new passport the cost to get a passport would be dependent on a number’s factors. This may include how fast you need the passport (such as under 14 days). Or, if you are required to deliver additional documents or go through extra processing.

A typical passport cost the following:

  • $110.00 is the passport fee
  • $60.00 is the execution fee

The typical total cost you will pay for a U.S. passport will total $170.00 for routine

If you require expedited services (ie. getting a passport faster) then expect to pay $205.00 for these expedited services. For more information on passport fees, please visit our passport fee section.

Selecting A Passport Processing Option

Methods for getting a new passport

Routine Processing: You can get your new passport by submitting the required passport documents for the new passport listed above at the nearest passport offices in your area. There are hundreds of passport acceptance agencies, courthouses, and county clerk offices thru-out the United States that will be able to process passport applications. This process takes 6-8 weeks.

Expediting with a Regional Agency: If you are traveling sooner than four weeks, you can expedite your processing by going down to your nearest regional passport agency with all your documents along with your travel itinerary showing you will be leaving the country in an emergency within two weeks.

While appointments are usually advisable ahead of time, walk-ins are also accepted. Make sure you have all your required documents listed above to avoid any delays.

Expediting with A Registered Passport Courier: Another great option for a U.S. Citizen is getting your new adult passport quickly with the help of a passport expediting company.  Through a registered courier, you can get your new passport delivered to you in less than 48 hours.

Signing Your New Passport

Once you have obtained your passport you will need to get your passport sign as soon as possible.

A U.S. passport is only valid once the applicant signs his/her passport book this should be done using a non-ballpoint pen prior to closing the book give the ink a few minutes to dry to prevent the signature from smearing.

The U.S. Passport Book Page 7

Once complete turn to page 7 on your book and fill out your address in the “Bearer Address” use a pencil for your address and fill out the remaining information on page 7 get more information on passport signature here.