U.S. Passport Fees – Routine & Expedited Passport Fee [2018]

Passport FeeOne of the most common questions we usually get is how much is a passport? Here we will try to explain the cost of obtaining a U.S. passport. Passport fees can sometimes be confusing with the different fee structure for different passport services such a routine and expedited passport services. As of January 2016, the United States State Department is no longer adding additional visa pages which were removed from the list below. It is important to know that passport renewals and second passport applicant does not have any acceptance agent fee which is shown as blank in the following table.

Effective April 2nd, 2018 execution fees are going from $25 to $35.00. You are able to pay the government fees with credit cards, debit cards, check, or money orders.  Check and money orders should be payable toDepartment of State” written in block letters in black ink.

Routine & Expedited Government Passport Fees Below

Passport Service TypePassport FeeExpedite Passport FeesPassport Execution FeeTotal Government Fee
New Passport Age 16 and Older$110.00$60.00$35.00$205.00
New Passport Age 15 and Younger$80.00$60.00$35.00$175.00
Lost or Stolen Passport$80 (Child) $110 (Adult)$60.00$35.00$175 (Child) $205 (Adult)
1st Passport Card$15 (Child) $30 (Adult)$60.00$35.00$110 (Child) $125 (Adult)
Passport Renewal$110.00$60.00$170.00
Add Passport Pages [Service Discontinued] 
Second Passport$110.00$60.00$170.00

Cost Breakdown of U.S. Passport Fees 

New Adult Passport Book: Application fee is $110.00  plus the execution fee of $35.00. If you need the passport to be expedited via the post offices, its another $60.00 with a total cost of a new passport is $205.00.

New Minor Passport Book: Application fee is $80.00 and the execution fee is $35.00, together it will cost $115.00 for a minor passport. If expedited service is chosen, then the fee is $60.00. The total cost when including expedited fee is $175.00.

U.S. Passport Book Renewal: Application fee is $110.00 and no execution fee. The expedited fee is $60. Together, the total cost to renew an adult passport is $170.00. A minor passport is not renewable.  Learn how to renew a passport with detail instructions here. 

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Adult Passport Book: The price is the same as applying for a new adult passport. It is $145.00 then add $60.00 for expedited. So, the total cost including expedited service is $205.00.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Minor Passport Book: The price is the same as applying for a new minor passport. It is $115.00 then add $60.00 for expedited service. So, the total cost including expedited service for a minor passport is $205.00.

Adult Passport Card: Application fee is $30.00 and execution fee is $35.00. Together, an adult passport card is $65.00. Add $60.00 more if you choose expedited service.

Minor Passport Card: Application fee is $15.00 and the execution is $35.00. The cost of a minor passport card is $50.00. With expedited service, the total cost is $110.00. The cost includes $60.00 for expedited service.

Our passport fee table is broken down into a different section for routine and expedited services. The passport processing time for routine passport service is 4 – 6 weeks and expedited passport services 3 – 4 weeks from the post office.

Routine Service is for U.S. citizen who is looking to get a passport and does not have a specific time to get the passport back. When doing a routine passport service it is recommended that you process your passport application with the United States Postal Services.

Processing Time: Usually  passport processing time is between 4 – 6 Weeks and 3 -4 weeks for an expedited passport

Expedited Service is for U.S. citizen who is looking to get an emergency passport for travel within a specific period.
Processing Time: Usually 3 – 4 Weeks


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Additional Passport Fees

Acceptance Agent Fee: The United States passport fee for the acceptance agent is required for all passport application expecting the passport renewal. This fee is for a federal agent to witness with the signature of passport application.

File Search Fee for U.S Passport: The file search fee is only used when you are looking to replace an adult passport where the passport holder cannot provide to the State Department proof of citizenship such as a: Old Passport or Birth Certificate. This fee is an additional $150. The file search fee is used so the State Department can verify your proof of citizenship.

Expediting Fee with Private Passport Expediter: If you need a passport expedited within 14 days and want to hire a private expediting company then you will need to pay a private expediting passport fee to have your passport expedited. This fee is paid directly to the private company and is separate from the expediting fee.





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