How Much Does a Passport Cost?

Are you planning to travel soon? Whether it’s a business trip or a leisure holiday, make sure one of your top priorities is obtaining the necessary documentation – first and foremost, your passport! Knowing the costs associated with getting a passport will help ensure that your travels go smoothly and cost-effectively.

How Much Does a Passport Cost?

One of the most common questions we get is: how much is a passport? The cost of an adult passport book is $165, which includes a $130 application fee and a $35 acceptance fee. The price for renewing a passport book now totals $130. Here, we will try to explain the cost of obtaining a U.S. passport.

Passport Fee Updates

  • Effective April 2nd, 2018, execution fees for new passports are going from $25 to $35.00.
  • December 27th, 2021, the cost of a passport book increased by $20 for all customers.

Adult Passport Cost (10 Years Passport)

Passport ServicePassport Fee
Paid to Department of State
Passport Acceptance Cost
Paid to Acceptance Facility
Total Cost
Adult Passport Book (DS-11 Application Form)$130.00$35.00$165.00
Adult Passport Card (DS-11 Application Form)$30.00$35.00$65.00
Passport Book & Card (DS-11 Application Form)$160.00$35.00$195.00
Passport Card (DS-82 Application Form)$30.00$0.00$30.00
Adult Passport Book (DS-82 Application for Passport Renewal)$130.00$0.00$130.00
Adult Passport Card (DS-82 Application Form)$30.00$0.00$30.00
Adult Book and Card (DS-82 Application Form form for Passport Renewal)$160.00$0.00$160.00

Adult passport books and cards are valid for ten years.

Minor Passport Cost (5 Years Passport)

Passport ServiceApplication Fee
Paid to The Department of State
Acceptance Fee
Paid to The Acceptance Facility
Total Cost
Minor Passport Book (DS-11 Application Form)$100.00$35.00$135.00
Minor Passport Card (DS-11 Application Form)$15.00$35.00$50.00
Minor Book & Card (DS-11 Application Form)$115.00$35.00$150.00

Optional Fees

Expedited FeeThis service costs extra per application but is faster than routine processing. You still need to pay the required fees.$60.00
1 to 2 Days DeliveryPaid per application for 1-2 day delivery of an issued US passport book within the United States (excludes passport cards).$19.53
File Search FeeIf an applicant is unable to provide proof of U.S. citizenship or verification of a previously issued U.S. passport or Consular Report of Birth Abroad, they must conduct a file search. To do this, the applicant must fill out Form DS-11 and submit a written request for a file search.$150.00

How to Pay Passport Fees?

The following table details how much you’ll pay for a passport. This includes the base fee (for the passport type), its execution fee, and the total fee.

  • Personal and Certified Checks
  • Certified Checks
  • Cashier or Travelers Check
  • Money Order

Make checks payable to “U.S. Department of State.”

U.S. Passport Fees

You can pay the government fees with credit cards, debit cards, checks, or money orders.

Make sure to write “Department of State” in block letters using black ink on your check or money order. Verify the correct passport fees before submitting payment to avoid any delay in processing your application.

Since January 2016, the US State Department has stopped adding extra visa pages listed below. Note that passport renewals and second passport applicants have no acceptance agent fee.

Cost Breakdown of U.S. Passport Fees for 2024 

U.S. Passport Cost Break down
Close-up of a US passport with immigration, visa, citizenship, and travel paperwork on a wooden table

New Adult Passport Book: The application fee for a first-time adult passport book is $130.00, and an execution (acceptance) fee of $35.00 is added to it. Thus, the total cost of a standard passport book is $165. If you want the passport to be expedited through the post office, there is an additional fee of $60.00, making the total cost of a new passport to be $225.00.

New Minor Passport Book: The first-time minor passport book application fee is $100.00, and the execution fee is $35.00; together, it will cost $135.00 for a minor passport. If expedited service is chosen, then the price is $60.00. The total cost, including the expedited fee, is $195.00.

Passport Renewal: The passport book renewal fee is $130.00, and no execution fee. The expedited cost is $60. Together, the total current U.S. passport renewal fee is $190.00. A minor passport is not renewable. 

Replacing a Lost Passport Book: The price is the same as applying for a new adult passport. It is $130.00, then add $60.00 for expedited. So, the total cost, including expedited service, is $190.00.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Minor Passport Book: The ‘lost passport fee’ is the same as applying for a new minor passport. It is $100.00. If needed in a hurry, then add $60.00 for expedited service. So, the total cost, including expedited service for the replacement of a lost or stolen passport, is $160.00.

Adult Passport Card: The application for a passport card fee is $30.00, and the execution fee is $35.00. Together, an adult passport card is $65.00. Add $60.00 more if you choose expedited service.

Minor Passport Card: The application fee is $15.00, and the execution is $35.00. The passport cost of a minor passport card is $50.00. With the expedited service, the total cost is $110.00. The cost includes $60.00 for expedited service.

Passport Book & Card: You may also choose to apply for a passport book & card. In this case, you will pay a $160 application fee and a $35 acceptance fee. This totals to $195 for a first-time adult passport book and the passport card.

Passport Processing Times

Our passport fee table is broken down into different sections for routine and expedited services. The passport processing time for routine passport service is 8 – 11 weeks, and expedited passport services – 5 to 7 weeks from the post office.

Passport ServiceProcessing TimeAppointment is Required
Routine 6 to 8 weeksNo Appointment is Required
Expedited (Post Office) 2 to 3 weeksDepending on the passport office appointments are sometimes required.
Expedited (Passport Agency)1 to 7 DaysAppointment is Required

Expedited Passport Service is for U.S. citizen who is looking to get an emergency passport for travel within a specific period.

How Much Is An Expedited Passport in the US?

When applying for an expedited passport, you must pay for expedited services, which are $60.00. Private expediting companies usually charge additional different companies to change differently; in reviews of our expedited passport directory to understand the pricing.

  • New Passport Book (Adult) – $130.00 + $35.00 Execution Fee + $60.00 = $225.00
  • New Passport Book (Child): $100.00 (Application Fee) + $35.00 Execution Fee + $60.00 = $195.00

The pricing for an adult passport is $225.0, and child passport is $195.00

Acceptance Agent Fee

The United States passport fee for the acceptance agent is required for all passport applications expecting the passport renewal. This fee is for a federal agent to witness the signature of the passport application.

File Search Fee for U.S Passport

The file search fee is only used when you are looking to replace an adult passport where the passport holder cannot provide to the State Department proof of citizenship, such as an Old Passport or Birth Certificate. This fee is an additional $150.

The file search fee is used so the State Department can verify your proof of citizenship.


Obtaining a passport may seem like an additional expense, but it is worth the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for international travel. It can be done without contact with large crowds, which is particularly beneficial during a pandemic. Knowing the current fees will help Americans understand what to expect when acquiring a passport in the future.

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