Cheapest Places to Get Passport Photos

Passport photos are a requirement for a new passport or renewal, and it must have some specifications. Specifications like the size must be 2 in x 2 in, white background, in color, print on matte paper, and less than six months old. So, the first thought that comes to mind is where to get a passport photo taken or where can I take my photo near me.

Where to Find Passport Pictures Near Me?

There are plenty of places that offer passport photos, but only a few have reasonable prices. Such sites are in pharmacies, retail stores, membership warehouses, shipping stores, and post offices and most likely one is nearby. Before you go, do your search to find out the best place to get  cheap passport photos. Then, compare each price to have a better idea of how much you can save for your photo.

There is another option you have to get a passport photo, take the picture yourself. This way, you will surely save money. There are apps for passport photo near me and how you can use to upload your photo and forward it to the place you wish to print it. Doing this will help by cutting down the time you will spend at any store or pharmacy you go and the cost of the photo as well.

Places to Take a Passport Size Photo

Now, let’s look at the different locations nearby so you can visit to take your passport picture and how much it will cost.

Walgreens Passport Photos: There are over 8000 stores in the U.S. You will pay $12.99 for a pair of photos. This one of the most expensive place but you will get your picture right away. So, you are paying for convenience.

CVS Passport Photos: There are over 7500 CVS stores in the U.S. The CVS passport photo cost for two photos is a dollar more than Walgreens. It will cost you $13.99 for a pair of picture. Again, like Walgreens, you will get your photo right away at any CVS store. CVS also offer coupons that will decrease the cost of your photo. Check with the store if there is any available at the time you will take your picture.

Duane Reade Passport Photos: Walgreens now own this store, so the price is the same as Walgreens. So, you will pay $12.99 for your pictures.

Rite Aid Passport Photos: With over 4000 stores in the U.S., Rite Aid is right in the middle like the others with the prices of its photos. It will cost $8.99 for a pair of pictures.

Sam’s Club Passport Photos: This is a membership club so the price will be one of the lowest when compared to the others. With over 600 stores, you will pay $5.31 for two pictures.

Costco Passport Photos: Like Sam’s Club, Cosco is a membership club and also has cheapest price for passport photos. In fact, it is only $5.34 to take your picture. It is the second-lowest after Sam’s Club. But with Costco you are getting four passport photos.

AAA Passport Photos: Like Sam’s Club and Cosco, this organization requires a membership. Since there are different levels for its associates, the price for passport pictures varies. Basic members will pay more than premium members. In fact, premium members do pay at all while basic pay $8.00 for members and $15.00 for non AAA members.

Walmart Passport Photos: This is one of the biggest retail stores in the U.S. with over 5000 locations. Their price is not bad at all. Walmart charges $7.44 for a pair of photos. Like the pharmacies, you will get your pictures right away.

Target Passport Photos: Target is another retail company with just over 1500 stores in the U.S. However, their prices are up there with the pharmacies. You will pay $9.99 for a pair of pictures.

FedEx Office Passport Photos: At FedEx, you will pay almost the highest for a pair of photos. FedEx Office charges $14.99 for two photos. You can go to any of their 2000 stores to get your picture take.

UPS Passport Photos: UPS stores will charge you $11.99 for a pair of photos. You will find more UPS stores than FedEx Offices in the U.S. Over 4500 to be exact.

USPS Passport Photos: The post office is the most expensive of all the locations you can go to take your pictures. You will pay $15.00 for a pair of passport photos.

Passport Photos General Pricing

Store Name Passport Photos 4×6 Print
Walgreens / Duane Reade $12.99 $0.29
CVS Pharmacy $13.99 $0.29
Rite Aid Pharmacy $8.99 $0.29
Sam’s Club Passport Photos $5.31 $0.17
Target Passport Photos $9.99 $0.19
FedEx Passport Photos $14.95 $0.39
UPS Passport Photos $11.99 $0.00
USPS Passport Photos $15.00 $0.00
AAA Passport Photos $8.00 (Members and $15.00 (Non Members) $0.00
Passport Photo 360 Mobile App $4.99 $0.00


All these facilities offer passport picture services and will give you a pair when you take your picture. However, a passport application requires one photo. So, if you want to pay way less for your photos than any of these places, take your picture and only pay for printing. You can also go online and google passport photos near me to find the nearest facility to visit.