How to Get a Second Passport?

Are you looking to obtain a second passport? Current regulations reflect a long-standing policy by the Department of State that no one should have more than one valid U.S. passport at any given time unless specifically authorized by the United States Department of State. Applying for a duplicate passport is simple once you follow our step-by-step guide for a second passport.

A second valid passport should only be considered an exception to the regulations and should only be approved individually.  Usually, the second passport is limited to only two years and cannot be extended.

The applicant must submit the following documents to apply for a second valid U.S. passport.

 Requirements for Second U.S. Passport

  • If the person in question is about to visit a specific country, the required visa will likely be denied due to stamps or other markings in their current passport.
  • Your travel visa has been delayed, or some other lengthy governmental process is taking place, and a passport is required for immediate travel.
  • A second passport may also be issued when you are in the middle of a trip and cannot complete your travels unless a second passport is obtained. If a change in your itinerary is beyond your control and you can’t continue without a new passport, a second one may be issued.

Required Documents

Important: You are only required to complete one application form under usual circumstances. If your passport expires within the year, you need to complete the application form DS-82 for Passport Renewal.

Step 1: Fill out the Application Form

When applying for a second passport, there are a few important steps that you’ll need to take. To start, you must fill out and submit the appropriate application form. The required form will change depending on the specific situation that you find yourself in. Generally speaking, you will either use form DS-11 for a new passport or DS-82 for passport renewal.

Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

You will also need a written statement explaining in detail exactly why you need a second passport. Along with your completed application forms and written statement, you must submit proof of citizenship and identity.

You will need to submit a recent passport photo less than 90 days old for your second passport. Just as with your original passport photo, this will need to be a front view of your face and represent how you currently look at the time of travel. Finally, you will need to pay the appropriate passport fees with your completed forms and other remaining documents.

Step 3: Package & Send Documents

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, you will need to package your documents and send them to the passport agency for processing. You should package your documents in a Tyvek envelope for mailing to the passport agency.

Expedited Second Passport Services

The standard processing time for a second passport can be several weeks, depending on the time of year when applying. If you need to obtain a second passport as quickly as possible, consider the use of an expedited passport courier service in your area. After compiling all necessary documents and paying an additional fee, these services can have your second passport in your hand in 24 to 48 hours.