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Passport Offices in Alaska - Alaska Passport Acceptance Agent Finder

Looking to find passport offices in Alaska? In Alaska, there are a number of passport offices all across the State. Post offices have certified agents who will verify the documents, then package them, and send the package to a processing center.

Some post offices require that you have an appointment. So, before you drop off your documents, call to make an appointment is not necessary. If so, get one to avoid any delay in the process. Also, the post office is not open on Federal Holidays. Avoid at all cause to go on a holiday.

The Anchorage Passport offices are located at the United States Post Office in downtown station, Eagle River, Girdwood, and Sand Lake.

There are two ways to obtain your passport:

  • Using a local passport Alaska office, this usually has a 4 to 6 week processing time.
  •  An Alaska passport expediting service which takes about 2 or 3 weeks. These expediting services are usually with the postal services.
  • Private Passport Expediting Company - These privately held companies would be able to get a passport for you in Alaska in 24 hours. 

Alaska Post Office Services

At the post office, you will have two options to get your application process. The first is standard or routine processing. It is the slower of the two and can take up to 6-weeks. Somes 8-weeks if delays may arise. Once the process is over, you will get your new passport in the mail.

The second choice is expedited service. With this, the time for processing is decreased to one-half time when compared to routine processing. So, you can have your document in 2-3 weeks if no delays arise. The cost at the post office for expedited service is $60.00.

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Private Expeditors or Regional Passport Agencies

You can select a private expeditor if you have an emergency that requires you to leave the country immediately and need a passport. With an expeditor, you can have a passport in 24-48 hours. A regional passport agency can offer the same service, but to get an interview, you must first call the National Passport Center.  The cost of these services varies on how soon you will need your travel document.

You can find private expeditors all over the city, county, or state, but regional passport agencies are not everywhere. The nearest one is Seattle Passport Agency in Washington State. Remember, an appointment is necessary before going there.