Where to Find the Closest Passport Office for Your Next Trip

Are you looking to find a walk-in passport office near your location?  There are many important things to consider when looking for a U.S. passport office, such as do you need routine or expedited passport services. What type of passport services do you need? Are you traveling within 14 days of travel? These are questions to ask yourself as post office passport centers would not get your passport on time if you travel within 14 days.

Applying for a passport in such a case with a regional passport agency is recommended.

Before going to passport offices, you should call and verify that the post office passport location accepts walk-in customers.  Before visiting the passport center, you should download the passport application forms and fill out the appropriate form. You should call ahead and set an appointment with the passport location before visiting the passport office.

How to Find a Passport Office Near Your Location?

There are two types of passport offices; the first is called a  Passport Office. Passport offices have Passport Acceptance Agent authorized to witness the signature required on your passport application form DS-11 (or whichever format you must fill out, depending on the circumstances).

Some examples of finding an acceptance agent are post offices, county clerk’s offices, and traffic courts. These agents would witness your application signature and submit your application to be processed.

The second passport type is the Regional Passport Agencies. You can get your passport processed on the same day with these regional agencies. Some of these passport agencies require an appointment and proof of international travel. These agencies are located in major cities around the United States.

How Does the Post Office Passport Center Process Your Application?

These passport locations do not process your application on-site.  Your application is filled out and sent to the National Passport Center for processing. Your documents are then shipped back to your address via the postal service.

Where Are the Regional Passport Offices – For Expedited U.S. Passport Applications

The second type of passport office is called a Regional Passport Agency. These locations allow you to submit your passport application in person; an expedited passport fee is usually required. You will need to pay the expedited fee and the standard passport processing fees that you will pay simultaneously.

Some (though not all) Passport Agencies will also require that you prove that your international trip will happen within two weeks of your submission. Others may also require you to obtain a foreign visa within four weeks of the date that you apply. Always check to see what documents are needed before visiting a Passport Agency in your area. But if you are looking for a same-day passport, this is the place to visit.

How Does the Regional Passport Agency Process Your Application?

If you are going to the regional passport agencies, these agencies will witness your signature, verify all of your documents and process your passport application on the spot. This is recommended if you have expedited travel plans.

Private Passport Expeditors

Suppose you have a trip coming up and find that you cannot wait the average amount of time to submit your passport application and have it processed. In that case, another viable option is to enlist the services of a private passport expeditor service in your area.

Under the best of conditions, the average wait time for a passport to be processed is several weeks – to say nothing of the extended wait times that people can experience during the warm summer months when people are traveling and vacations abroad are most popular.

A private passport expediter service will collect all the documents you’ve prepared and submit them to the nearest passport office on your behalf. They can then have your passport in hand in as little as 24 to 48 hours after your original submission, ensuring you have more than enough time to make your flight without worrying about travel delays due to insufficient documents.


For anyone considering international travel, it’s always a good idea to use an expediting service for your passport needs. Not only can they get you the documents you need in time, but they also have experience with the nuances of visa requirements that can sometimes make or break a flight.

Utilizing a private expeditor may cost more money than going through government channels alone, but the peace of mind and convenience will make it worth it for anyone who is trying to get their passport fast. With their help, you can rest easy knowing you have all the paperwork required for your upcoming trip without any unnecessary stress or delays.