Walk-in Passport Offices Near Me

Are you looking to find a walk-in passport office near your location?  There are many important things to consider when looking for a U.S. passport office, such as whether you need routine or expedited passport services.

Walk-in Passport Offices Near Me

If you need to get a passport quickly, it’s important to explore all your options. One quick and efficient solution is to visit a walk-in passport office. These professional offices streamline the process of getting a passport in a timely manner.

They are conveniently located and save you from long wait times. If you need a passport for business or leisure travel, these walk-in passport offices are a reliable choice for getting a professional and efficient service.

Expedited Passport Offices

Are you traveling within 14 days of travel? These are questions to ask yourself as post office passport centers would not get your passport on time if you travel within 14 days. Applying for a passport with a regional passport agency is recommended in such a case.

Regional Passport Agencies Near Me

If you need to get a passport quickly, you can visit a Regional Passport Agency. These offices accept in-person passport applications but will require you to pay an additional fee for expedited processing. You will need to pay both the expedited fee and the standard processing fees at the same time.

Passport Appointment Nearest Passport Agency

To schedule an appointment at the passport agency, you will need to call the following phone number at 1-877-487-2778, and the State Department customer representative will be able to schedule the earliest appointment to visit the passport agency.

Arkansas Passport AgencyAtlanta Passport AgencyBoston Passport Agency
Buffalo Passport AgencyChicago Passport AgencyColorado Passport Agency
Connecticut Passport AgencyDallas Passport AgencyDetroit Passport Agency
El Paso Passport AgencyHonolulu Passport AgencyLos Angeles Passport Agency
Miami Passport AgencyMinneapolis Passport AgencyNational Passport Center
New York Passport AgencyPhiladelphia Passport AgencyVermont Passport Agency
San Diego Passport AgencySan Francisco Passport AgencySeattle Passport Agency
Washington Passport AgencyWestern Passport CenterHouston Passport Agency

Before going to passport offices, you should call and verify that the post office passport location accepts walk-in customers.  Before visiting the passport center, you should download the passport application forms and fill out the appropriate form.

Where to Find a Passport Acceptance Agent?

You can find passport acceptance agents across the United States in places such as local post offices, county clerks, and other government offices.

Passport Appointments

There are two types of passport offices; the first is called a  Passport Office. Passport offices have a Passport Acceptance Agent authorized to witness the signature required on your passport application form DS-11 (or whichever format you must fill out, depending on the circumstances).

You can schedule a passport appointment by using our list of passport acceptance facilities and contacting the nearest one.

Some examples of finding an acceptance agent are post offices, county clerk’s offices, and traffic courts. These agents would witness your application signature and submit your application to be processed.

How Long Does It Take to Process Passport Applications at Post Offices?

These passport locations do not process your application on-site.  Your application is filled out and sent to the National Passport Center for processing. Your documents are then shipped back to your address via the postal service.

Passport ServiceProcessing TimeAppointment is Required
Routine 6 to 8 weeksNo Appointment is Required
Expedited (Post Office) 2 to 3 weeksDepending on the passport office appointments are sometimes required.
Expedited (Passport Agency)1 to 7 DaysAppointment is Required

Private Passport Expeditors

Suppose you have a trip coming up and find that you cannot wait the average amount of time to submit your passport application and have it processed. In that case, another viable option is to enlist the services of a private passport expeditor service in your area.

Recommended Passport & Visa Companies

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RUSHMYPASSPORT.comPassport Starts at $199.00

What is the Passport Place of Issue?

To speed up passport and visa processes, note the place of issue on your passport. This is the city where the issuing authority is located, such as New York, for a passport issued in New York. Remember this information for your visa paperwork. Possible places of issue are:

  • This can be if you got your passport from a consulate or embassy.
  • It can show you what state you got your passport from, e.g. Florida.
  • It can refer to the National Passport Center.

You can find the place of issue of your passport under “Authority” on the passport photo page.


For anyone considering international travel, it’s always a good idea to use an expediting service for your passport needs. Not only can they get you the documents you need in time, but they also have experience with the nuances of visa requirements that can sometimes make or break a flight.

Utilizing a private expeditor may cost more money than going through government channels alone, but the peace of mind and convenience will make it worth it for anyone who is trying to get their passport fast. With their help, you can rest easy knowing you have all the paperwork required for your upcoming trip without any unnecessary stress or delays.

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