DS-5525: Statement of Exigent/Special family circumstances

U.S. Passport Form DS-5525

To say that applying for a passport for a child is complicated can be something of an understatement. In addition to the normal process you would go through to get a passport, this process also requires you to fill out a few additional forms. One of them is DS-5525, which is otherwise known as the “Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances.”

What is DS-5525 Statement of Exigent and Special Family Circumstances form?

DS-5525 is the Statement of Exigent and Special Family Circumstances form you fill out for a minor if one of the parents or legal guardians is not available to give their consent. In essence, it provides relevant parties with all necessary context to determine whether or not the request for a minor’s passport has been made in good faith.

The statement that you write on the form will outline a number of important details, including why the non-applying parent or guardian is not available to give their consent. Along with information about any and all attempts that you made to contact that person before turning to form DS-5525.

It is important to note that any other physical evidence you can submit along with your DS-5525 form will be incredibly valuable during this time. You can include copies of a custody order, for example, a restraining order proving that one of the guardians is not allowed within a certain proximity of the other, or even an incarceration order proving that the non-applying guardian is in jail and is therefore unavailable to give consent.

When is Form DS-5525 Needed?

There are a few circumstances when this form is needed. You will most likely need it when:

  • The passport is a minor who is under the age of 16.
  • There is a time constraint that requires the passport to be granted quicker than in normal circumstances.
  • In order for this form to be used, the exigent circumstance needs to pertain to the health or welfare of the child if the passport is not granted on an expedited basis.
  • The notarized and written consent of the custodial parent cannot be obtained.
  • This form will need to be signed by the other parent or legal guardian of the minor.

How to Submit a DS-5525 Application?

Form DS-5525 is submitted along with all of the other material’s in the child’s or minor’s passport application in order to help facilitate processing. Note: if you find that your trip is coming up fast and you need the minor’s passport in hand sooner rather than later, you can always choose to go to a passport expediting facility. Instead of six to eight weeks processing, these organizations can have the passport in as little as 24 hours in many cases.

Additional Information When Filling out the DS-5525 Application Form

  • Downloading this form and printing it out is the easiest way to fill it out.
  • Have passport photos taken and ready for the passport as this will speed along the process.
  • Have all other forms filled out and ready to go. This will make the process simpler as well.
  • Print out a travel itinerary. This will aid in obtaining the passport.
  • Be prepared for questions and inquiries. There may be questions about different aspects of the form and the form will not be accepted until these are taken care of appropriately.
  • If the information provided is not accurate or is simply incomplete, this will cause the form to be rejected and the passport application will be denied.
  • If there are any questions while filling out this form, then the National Passport Information Center should be contacted.

DS-5525 Statement of Exigent and Special Family Circumstances form Common Questions & Answers


I applied for my son’s passport, my husband is currently detained by immigration I submitted the DS-5525 Statement of Exigent and Special Family Circumstances with an online locator and email phone number of his deportation officer would the department of state find those documents to be enough to get my sons passport?

Answer: Yes this information should be enough to obtain your son passport.

Question: I am currently in a settlement agreement with my wife for our son but she is insisting that I gave her sole rights to get a passport for my daughters. I suspected a hidden agenda could she file for a United States passport for her without my consent?

Answer: Normally the United States  Department of State requires both parents be present for a minor passport usually one signature on the application and the other on the DS-3053 Statement of Consent from the non-applying parent that is accommodating the child. In an event whereas a parent is not present you will need to submit the form DS-5525 Application Form.



    no, he will need to fill out a DS3053 and have it notarized in jail.

    Anonymous says:

    My children”s father is currently incarcerated. I have a trip planned for Mexico next month and my children need passports. Would I qualify for the ds-5525?

    hello, no he must fill out a DS3053 and have it notarized in jail

    Anonymous says:


    Anonymous says:

    Yes his name is on her birth record but she still has the copy of the old one with out his name.

    you can try a DS 5525 app & bring copy of court order, but they do not guarentee anything since you do not have sole custody

    you can try a DS 5525 app & bring copy of court order, but they do not guarentee anything since you do not have sole custody

    Anonymous says:

    How do we prevent a minor child from going out of the country if the other parent is in the military overseas?

    Anonymous says:

    A restraining order was issued back in 2013 against my son’s father for domestic violence and he was not allowed to have any contact with me or my son. Since then I have not had contact with him. Is this sufficient enough to fill out the DS-5525 form?

    Anonymous says:

    There was a restraining order issued by the court back in 2013 for a domestic violence case between me and my son’s father. He was not allowed to have any contact with me or my son. Since then he has not had contact with our son and I do not know how to locate him. What do I need to provide in order to get my son a passport?

    if dad has full custody you do not need moms consent

    Anonymous says:

    So i have a step daughter, dad has full custody and her biological mother abandoned her and we have no way of getting in contact or finding her. How do we get her a passport?

    Hello, if you share custody than he must fill out a DS 3053 and have it notarized with the jail notary

    Anonymous says:

    My ex it’s in jail …. what I can do ? I live in California and he is on Oklahoma … I’m still need the form sign?

    Hello, you can try and submit a DS 5525, but since you do not have sole custody and know where he is it may not be approved. If it is not approved the US Department of State will tell you what steps to follow.

    Anonymous says:

    My 14 yo daughter’s father is listed on her birth certificate. We were never married and there is no legal document stating who has custody. There has been no contact with her father since 2005 when a VPO was filed and granted due to domestic violence. He has been in and out of prison for most of the time between now and then and is currently incarcerated for a minimum of two years. Can I use the DS-5525 to get her official passport?

    Hello, if you do not have sole custody, dad needs to fill out a DS 3053 and have it notarized at a US Embassy and overnight that document to you along with a copy of his foreign passport

    Anonymous says:

    This is a “what if” question. What if my child’s father lives in another country, and we are traveling to see him, but it would take too long for him to mail a consent form to me? What would be the best path to take? What documentation is needed?

    Keesha Wilson yes, because if he pays child support you do not qualify for a DS 5525, he must notarize the DS 3053

    Anonymous says:

    U.S. Passport Help Guide I’ve never went to court about that is that something I should look into

    Hello, do you have sole custody?

    Anonymous says:

    U.S. Passport Help Guide Travel.state.gov’s links are saying that they are not a secure site, last week it was fine, but today the link is broken

    Anonymous says:

    U.S. Passport Help Guide thank you!

    Anonymous says:

    My kids father lives in another state. He pays child support but he doesn’t call or answer when we call sometimes years go by without hearing for him. How does someone go about getting their kids passport in a case such as this

    I would check with the cruise line and see if it is a closed ciruct cruise, if so she will only need a birth certificate. if not, you will have to bring your temporary guradianship paper work and have dad notarize a DS 3053 and also have him fill out a DS 5525

    Anonymous says:

    My 15 year old step daughter is going on a cruise with her best friend’s family, to Mexico, leaving from California. Her biological mother has been out of the picture since she was 3 months old and has contacted us maybe 6-10 times total since then, (Anytime we thought it was appropriate, we let her visit our daughter). She and my husband never went through any official court/custody proceedings and I have not adopted her yet. My husband (my step daughter’s father) is in prison until after this scheduled cruise. He and I do have a notarized temporary guardianship agreement until he returns home (for medical care, school registration/activities, etc.). What do I need to do to get a passport for my step daughter? P. S. The trip is in six months so I have a little time if I need to send forms to my husband to fill out and send back.

    Anonymous says:

    hi does this still work? i need help

    Anonymous says:

    Also The court clerk will help u on which appropriate forms to file.