How to Renew an Expired Passport?

How to Get a Passport Renewal

If you are looking to apply for a  U.S. passport renewal? One of our most common questions is, “How to renew a passport for an upcoming trip?” This guide has built an entire how-to post on renewing your passport. Sometimes renewing your expired passport can be complicated if you do not have the proper documents, your original passport is damaged or lost, and there may be incorrect renewal instructions.


Where to Renew an Expired U.S. Passport Nearby?

You are renewing an expired passport, either in person or by expediting the renewal application. You will need to download online and submit the DS-82 application form for passport renewal in any of the following ways: by regular mail, passport offices, or a regional passport agency. It is essential to know that renewing a passport online is not possible as you will have to print out the application form and mail your application in for renewal.

Confirm Your U.S. Passport Renewal Eligibility

If the following requirements meet the United States renewal guidelines,  you will be able to submit a passport application via mail, passport offices, or expedited agency:

  • Your current United States passport is not damaged (other than normal wear and tear) or lost
  • The issuance date is not more than 15 years ago, which is not expired for more than five years
  • You were age 16 or older when your previous passport was issued
  • You still have the same name or can legally document your name change.
  • Your United States passport has NOT been limited as a result due to damage, multiple passport thefts, or non-compliance with regulations.

Expired U.S. Passport Information

Once your passport is expired, the expired passport will not be used for identification, proof of citizenship, or identification purpose purposes until renewed. When applying for a passport renewal, it is essential to know that only expired passports valid for 10ten years are accepted to be restored, as children’s passports, essentially valid for five years, cannot be renewed. You will need to apply for a new passport using the DS-11 Application Form for New Passport for a child’s passport; you will need to apply for a new passport using the DS-11 Application Form New Passport.

Who is Ineligible for Renewing A United States Passport?

Below is a list of items that you will either have to correct or get a new passport.

  • Damage Passport – If your passport is damaged, and will not be able to verify information according to State Department requirements.
  • Limited Passport – Owe taxes or child support would need to be resolved with the agency before applying for a renewal.
  • Old  Expired Passport – Expired Passport expired more than 15 years ago.
  • Child Passport – A child passport is an issued for 5 five years and cannot be renewed.
  • Tax Issues – If you have a severe tax debt with the IRS, you would not be able to be issued a passport renewal stating  1st January 2018

For a passport applicant seeking expedited renewal services, you can now submit your DS-82 Passport Renewal  Form with our passport expediting company without any travel plans to have it expedited within 12 business days.

If you do not meet the above requirements, you must apply for a new passport using the DS-11 new passport form or resolve the issues before getting a new ticket.

Step 1: Required Documents for a US Passport Renewal

You must review the document requirements and bring all the required documents (originals and photocopies based on the processing method).

Step 2: Selecting a U.S. Renewal Processing Option

It takes to renew your expired passport depending on where and when you apply for your passport renewal. Using via mail, it could take as much as six weeks or more to get your passport renewed.

If you have expedited travel plans, you could apply by going to your regional passport agency with all the required documents. You could apply by using one of our passport expediting companies to get your passport in as little as 24 hours.

Traveling after 30 days:

When mailing your expired passport with passport documents, you must place all your documents into a Tyvek envelope. This will ensure that your passport documents will arrive safely at the processing center. This method will take 4-6 weeks.
National Passport Processing Center Address:

National Passport Processing Center
Post Office Box 90155
Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155

If you want to get your passport expedited via the State Department, you need to add a fee of $60, and on the front of the envelope, write “Expedite.” MAIL the sealed package to the following address. This will take 3-4 weeks:

National Passport Processing Center
Post Office Box 90955
Philadelphia, PA 19190-0955

If you need to get your passport in less time than the expedited passport services via the Post Offices, you can also apply with a registered passport expediting company.

General Passport Renewal Questions and Answers:

How to renew my expired passport?

Renewing your expired passport book is simple. If your passport book is undamaged, you need to submit the DS-82 Application Form for Passport Renewal. It is essential to know that you cannot renew a child’s passport as children need to always apply for a new passport using the DS-11 Application Form for New Passport.

Where can I renew my passport?

You can get your expired passport renewed via post offices. These passport offices have all the required DS-82 forms and other related requirements to get your passport renewed.

What is the cost of renewing a passport?

The cost is determined by the type of passport services you are looking for, such as expedited or regular processing. Our passport fee section has all fees for renewal for both standard and expedited services.

How long will it take to renew a passport?

Processing time for a passport renewal will be determined by the type of renewal services you need. There are three types of renewal services: regular, expedited services with post offices and expedited passport with the regional passport agency.

  • Regular Renewal – 7 to 11 Weeks
  • Renewal with Regional Passport Agency – Same-day services at some agencies.
  • Renewal with Private Expediting Company – Same-day services with some companies.

How long before my passport expires should I renew it?

You must renew your passport book nine months before your passport expires. This will give the State Department enough time to get your new passport back to you.

Will I get my old passport book back when I renew my passport?

Yes, you will get back your old passport book with a hole punched into it in most cases.
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