Philadelphia Passport Agency

Are you in need of an expedited U.S. passport? The Philadelphia Passport Agency process same-day passport for U.S. citizens who are in need of an expedited passport for an emergency international trip.

In order to expedite your passport application with the Philadelphia Passport Agency, you would have to get the required passport documents such as passport application and proof of travel documentation.

Emergency passports in Philadelphia are simple once you have all the required documentation to prove your United States Citizenship, and you need the passport for an emergency trip outside the United States. This agency can process your passport application on the spot same day.

Address & Phone Number

United States Customs House
200 Chestnut Street, Room 103
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone Number:
There are no public phone numbers for the Philadelphia Passport Agency. But you are able to call the National Automated Scheduling Center 24/7 to schedule your appointments at the Philadelphia passport agency.


Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Philadelphia Agency is closed on all federal and public holidays.

Required Documents

Passport Applications
Proof of Identification
Proof of Travel
Passport Photo
Passport Fee
Any supporting documentation of proof of United States Citizenship
Any supporting documentation of proof of Travel.


There is metered parking around the Philadelphia Agency and private parking lots around the area.

When you go to the Philadelphia Agency, you will have to go through several security checkpoints. No weapons are allowed in any federal building, and you must go through metal detectors before entering the passport agency.

If you cannot visit the Philadelphia Passport Agency, you can hire the help of a private passport expediting passport company to process your emergency passport. These companies will be able to get your emergency passport in Philadelphia on the same day.


In conclusion, the Philadelphia Passport Agency provides an excellent service for any passport needs. With quick and efficient service, this agency is one of the best in the city. The staff within the agency are friendly and informative to ensure that customers can obtain their passports quickly and easily.

Services such as holds or renewals are also provided to those who need them. This should be your go-to location for anyone in Philadelphia looking for fast, reliable, and secure passport services!

Those interested in taking advantage of this agency can make an appointment with the website if they have all of their necessary documents prepared and ready to go before their visit. It’s a no-fail choice for travelers needing help sorting their passports out quickly and effectively!

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