U.S. Passport Services

There are four different options when selecting a passport service.

The first option is routine service using the post office or county clerk. They collect your documents, witness your application signature and send your documents to the national passport center which usually processes your passport in 4-7 weeks. Check processing times for up to date information.

The second option is expedited service through the post office or at the regional passport agency. This can speed the process up: 2-4 weeks.

The third option is to get your passport using a registered courier service.

Select a Passport Service to Confirm your Eligibility:

New Passport Service:

Applicants can select new passport service when they have never applied for a U.S. Passport or if their existing passport has expired. The first step is to check your eligibility for obtaining a new passport. You will then have to download a new passport application form, collect the needed documents and photos and visit one of the many locations available for submission. Complete details can be found at the following link:  Learn more about applying for a new passport:

Passport Renewal Service:

Passport renewals are available to qualified US Citizens who hold a currently valid passport. You will need a different form than the “new passport” form. You may renew your passport by regular mail, at passport offices or regional passport agencies. Please note that children’s passports are NOT eligible for renewal. For complete details regarding the renewal process follow this link. 

Child Passport Service:

There are specific rules which apply to children’s passports. These rules are in place to ensure the safety of children traveling abroad. Since child abductions have become a worldwide problem these rules are in place to assure the government that the parents of the child have given express consent to allow the child to travel internationally. Formal parental consent is required from both parents and special procedures are in place if BOTH parents are unable to be present when applying. To learn more about these procedures click on this link.

Add Passport Pages:

The standard passport issued by the State Department contains 28 pages. 17 of those pages can be used for exit or entry stamps. If you travel a great deal you may need more pages. We recommend that you apply for more pages at least 6 months before you anticipate running out of available space. Additional passport pages are acquired in packs of 24. Complete details can be found on this page. 

Lost or Stolen Passport:

A common problem facing travelers is a lost or stolen passport. This is especially true if you travel infrequently. Procedures are in place to protect you in such an event. It is import to notify the US Department of State if this occurs so they can flag your passport and limit the potential for identity theft. For complete information regarding this procedure check this page. 

Second Duplicate Passport:

Current US Department of State regulations reflect their policy stating that no individual should have more than on US Passport. However, there are exceptions to this rule which allows for a second short term (2 years) passport. This is treated on an individual case by case basis. To learn more about applying for a second passport please read the information contained at this link. 

Passport Card Only:

If you are traveling to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean you may find using a passport card more convenient than the traditional passport book. It is small (like a credit card) and can be stored in your wallet. This card is easily obtainable. Please note that a passport card is ONLY valid for land travel. If you travel to any of these destinations by air you will need the traditional passport book. You can learn more in this section of our site. 

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