Passport & Visa Courier Service Explained


When and how should I choose a passport courier service? Under normal conditions, getting a passport isn’t necessarily something that you can do overnight. In most situations, a person will know that they’re traveling out of the United States (and therefore need either an updated passport or a new passport) well in advance of the actual trip. This is good, as the average passport processing time for new applications in most areas is at least two to three weeks.

Requirements to Use Passport Expediting Company

  • Traveling in 14 Days or Less
  • Traveling in 30 Days if a travel visa is required

What Documents Do I Need When Using a Passport Expediting Company?

You’ll not only need to compile a large amount of documentation, including official passport photographs, an application, the application fee, and more, but you’ll also have to wait for that passport to be processed and accepted simultaneously.

There will, however, likely be situations where you find out that you’re taking a trip at the last minute and don’t have enough time to go through the usual channels of processing your passport. This is especially true if you travel for a large corporation for business and may have to leave the country at a moment’s notice.

For those types of situations, registered passport expediters and last-minute passport support services are here to help.

Who Should Use a Passport & Visa Courier Company?

Passport couriers are not for everyone, as this service is for U.S. citizens looking to obtain a rush passport with urgent travel plans. Passport expediters usually charge an additional fee which ranges from $99.00 to $399.00 for same-day services.

These fees do not include the government fee.

As for visa expediters, these services are usually a lifesaver as different embassies and consulates have different rules and regulations that would need to follow these rules can become very complicated to follow. This is why it might be more convenient to use a visa expedited, as this company has the arrangement to process visa applications on your behalf.

Why should I choose a passport courier service?

Passport courier services are the best option for those who need a rush passport delivered fast. These services can provide same-day or next-day delivery of passports to you. Many times, passport couriers will even be able to offer express service, which means that they will arrange and send your application directly to the government agency, which greatly speeds up the process in comparison to submitting it yourself.

  • Visa is required
  • Do not have time to submit a visa application to the embassy or consulate
  • Visa needed for rush travel
  • Looking for professional help in submitting your visa application

What’s the fastest way to get a passport?

The fastest way to get a passport is by appointment with the regional passport agency. The passport agency is set up to provide expedited passport services to U.S. citizen who has a rush travel plan and could provide travel documents showing the travel date usually within 14 days.

Another option to get a passport quickly is by applying with a registered passport courier service. These companies would be able to 24 hours passport services.

What is a Registered Passport Expeditor?

Registered passport expediters work in one of two ways, depending on your location. If you live close enough to both a registered passport expediter and a passport processing location, a representative from the expediter can come to your home or office, collect all necessary information and manually deliver it all to the State Department location for processing.

If you don’t live close to either of those two entities, however, you will need to mail in all official documents along with your application to the expedite service. As a result, you should always use an express delivery method to help make sure both that all of your official documents reach the service safely and promptly so that they can move along with the rest of the process.

When Should I Use a Passport Expeditor?

When using registered passport expediters, it is also essential to understand that you must still provide all normal documentation along with your completed passport application. If you are traveling abroad for work-related purposes, for example, you must provide documentation from your place of employment indicating that. You will also need to make sure that you have proper photographs that can be used for your passport.

You can take passport photographs in various locations across the country, including at any branch of the United States Postal Service and at most pharmacy locations throughout your area. These photographs must be in full color and must have been taken no later than six months ago to be considered valid.


Remembering the fee structure associated with registered passport expediters is important. In addition to the standard fee that you will have to pay to the United States Department of State along with your passport application, these registered passport expediters will also charge an additional “rush” fee to help get your passport processed as quickly as possible. Make sure that you have accounted for both the State Departments’ fee and the expediter service’s fee to help make sure that your passport application isn’t further delayed.