How Long is a Passport Valid?

The majority of international destinations will not allow U.S. travelers to enter if their passports do not have at least six months of validity left on them. That means if your passport is set to expire less than six months after a planned vacation to a foreign country, you may not be allowed entry to that country.

This rule is not a U.S. law but is set by individual countries. Each nation has different passport requirements, so be certain to check the entry and exit regulations of each separate country that you plan to travel to. The two countries that border the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, do not have a six-month validity rule for U.S. passport.

How Long is a Passport Good?

How long is a passport good for all depends on the passport as U.S. passport validity times are dependent on age as well as any limitations that were placed on the passport at the time it was issued.

Adult Passport

Passports without limitations that are issued to U.S. citizens 16 years and older are valid for 10 years.

Child Passport

Minor passports that are issued to U.S. citizens who are 15 years of age and younger are valid for five years.

Limited Passport

A limited passport is a US passport valid for less than the full 10 years for an adult passport or the full five years for a passport issued to a minor. These are used for emergency travel when all of the proper documentation cannot be provided at the time of application.

They are also issued to those whose passports have been stolen or lost while abroad.