Getting a Passport After Naturalization

Naturalization Becoming a naturalized US citizen has a wide variety of different benefits that can’t be ignored. All other opportunities that a US citizens have, you will also have. You can work for the government in various positions (except the presidency). You can enlist in the armed forces, vote, pay taxes, and more. Or, you can also get a US passport. With this document you can travel from the US to other countries in the world. The process of getting a passport after naturalization is relatively straightforward, as long as you follow a few basic steps.

In order to get your US passport after naturalization, you must make sure to have all the documents to begin the process. You will need a completed passport application, for example, which is form DS-11. Form DS-11 is the application for a new passport, as opposed to other forms, which can be used to update existing passports and more. You will also need to be able to submit proof of your US citizenship (which should be no problem at all thanks to the recently completed naturalization process) and proof of your identity.

Keep in mind that these are the requirements for adults to obtain passports after the naturalization process. Children and other minors have their own special set of rules.

You will also need to provide a photocopy of your identification. In addition, you will need to pay a passport fee, which can vary in price from $110 to $195, depending on the circumstances of the situation. If you only want to submit the form itself, the fee will be $110. To expedite the process, you must pay another $60. This will ultimately add to an acceptance agency fee of $25, for a grand total of $195.

You will also need to have passport photos taken, which is something that you can do at a pharmacy, at a post office or at similar locations in your area. You must make sure that your photos meet the requirements. Requirments such as being between 1 x 1 and 3/8ths inches in size.

Once you have all of the materials in place, the next step will be to submit your paperwork. You will need all of your forms, your identification, your certificate of naturalization and more. Your application will then be ready for processing. After paying the appropriate fees, you will have a US passport to call your very own.

Keep in mind that if you are in a hurry and need your passport before an upcoming trip, there are a wide variety of passport expediting services. This service will reduce the time you have a passport in your hand.



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