How to Get a Expedited Passport For International Trip

Expedited Passport for International TripGetting a expedited passport for an international trip is possible, but there are extra steps that is necessary to get your passport quickly. When the passport application is complete, the applicant must include an additional passport expediting fee for expediting of your passport.

This would ensure the State Department put your passport application on priority status. The process usually speed up the processing time by about two weeks. When expediting with Post Offices be sure to mark “expedited” on your envelope and on your passport application.

You also need to pay an additional overnight delivery fee of your passport. The State Department recommend you use a two-way overnight delivery method. This would ensure you getting your passport back on time for your International trip.

Another tip for getting a passport quickly is to use a delivery method that you can trace. This is the best way to make sure the application is receive in a timely fashion.

If you need your passport application expedited because of an emergency situation. There are two quick services that would be able to help you get your emergency passport overnight.

Apply via Regional Passport Agency:

If you need an emergency passport, and you will be going on an international trip, and your passport is expired or you need a passport for the first time. You could apply via the Regional Passport Agency for your passport. Only if you have proof of international travel. By applying with the Regional Passport Agency in your area you could get your passport same day.

Apply via Private Expediting Passport Company:

If you cannot apply for a passport by going to the Passport Agency. You could apply by hiring a private expediting company to expedite your passport application for you. Our company recommend the following expediting passport company. These company have expedite passport for us and we highly recommend them.

But it is more expensive than applying yourself. As you need to pay for the private expediting company plus the State Department Fee’s for your passport application.

You can download and fill the forms out. Applicants must prepare in advance and have all the required documents before going to the local to apply for the passport services they need.

It is crucial to have all the necessary documents in order to have the passport process go as smoothly as possible. Applying for an expedited passport means that the passport applicant must have all the necessary documents for their passport.

If you are missing any documents, do not submit your application as this may cause a delay in the process.