Changed Name – Can I Changed My Name On My Military Passport?

Question & AnswerQuestion: I am enrolled and serving active duty in the military. My passport expired and I understand I have to get a new military passport but am unsure what documentation I will need to get the passport. The fact is that the passport is under a different name. While my mom was pregnant, my dad died and she re-marry soon after my birth. I assumed the name of my step dad and most of my documentation is in his name. But, in fact it should be under my actual dad’s name. This has always been a problem because it was confusing to me what I should use. The name on my license and my military passport is not the right one. But, its the name I go by. So, what do I do?

Answer: Your military passport is under your current deployment military travel office. You should go to that installation and get a current passport.

It is likely that you may want to travel while overseas and military special passports are only good for traveling on official military business. So, you should apply for a civilian passport as well.

In terms of the confusion with your name, clearly you have been using your step dads name for your whole life. The requirements for proof of name change or verification of name is to simply present documents showing the use of that name for at least the last five years. Between your current military passport, drivers license and any other documents you should be fine. So, you will need at least three documents of that nature.