I am A Mexican National Traveling To America. Can I Apply For A US Passport?

qaQuestion:  My best friend’s dad is a Mexican National and lives in Mexico. He wants to come to the United States to visit. Can he get a passport to come to the United States for a trip?

Answer:  Your friend’s dad will not be able to apply for a United States passport since they are only issued to American citizens. After the Border Crossing Card is obtained, it will also act as a visa. He will have to obtain a Mexican passport, which will then allow him to apply for a Border Crossing Card.

Only citizens and residents of Mexico will be able to obtain a Border Crossing Card. It will work as both a Border Crossing Card and a B1/B2 Visa. You will have to qualify for a Border Crossing Card. The requirements are:

  • Provide proof of strong economic or social ties in the United States
  • Have proof of sufficient funds for expenses in the United States
  • Provide proof that the reason for the trip is for pleasure, business or medical purposes.
  • Proof of a set time that you will be leaving and returning for the trip
  • Proof that the applicant has obligatory ties that will ensure their return at the end of the trip

The associated payment for a Border Crossing Card is $140 and will be valid for 10 years. They will have to follow guidelines set by the consular in Mexico when they apply for their Border Crossing Card.

The following link will help with any inquires you may have with obtaining a Mexican passport.

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The following link will is a guide on how to obtain a Border Crossing Card.

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