Name Change – How can I do a name change with my current passport?

questions regarding son's passportQUESTION:  I have just gotten married after 16 years in my relationship. How can I do a name change with my current passport in the quickest way possible?


ANSWER:   This is a great question. Many married couples like you go through this all the time. The first thing you will need to do is complete a form to change your name. Complete Form DS-5504 Application for Name Change and Data Collection and submit it with your current passport. When completing the form, use a black ink pen.

One good thing about doing a name change is there is not fee for this process. Nevertheless, when doing this you must provide proof of your name change. One way to do so is to provide a copy of a marriage certificate. Under another circumstance, original documents like court papers can be use to show proof of name change.

Whenever you are ready to proceed with the process, visit your nearest passport processing facility. Submit the form and your supporting documents and you should have a new passport in about 6-8 weeks. If this time is too long, then you can go to an expedite passport agency. An expedite agency will speed the process up and you can have a passport in as little as 2 weeks. Of course, this will cost extra.

After receiving the new passport, a few weeks later you will get the old one back.