Passport Photograph Fix – How can I get a passport photograph fix?

QUESTION:  I got my passport in the mail today. Everything is good with it except my photo. I have a red-eye problem. How can get a passport photograph fix?


ANSWER:  Passport photograph fix is a sensitive topic. Especially, when an applicant must follow the rules and guidelines for a new passport. One guideline is that the photo must be clear. Another is the camera must have a minimum of 200 dpi. In addition, the digital camera must be at least 1 megabyte or greater. Be sure to follow all guidelines pertaining to the passport photograph to ensure you do not face any difficulties. Also, the photo is a headshot of the applicant taking up about 75% of the necessary 2 inch by 2-inch photo. This means that the applicant’s head size should be between 1-1 ¼ inches high.

In some cases, an applicant can get a red-eye passport photo. When this occur, the first thing is to get it remove. As a general rule, applicants should not digitally enhance or alter a passport photograph in any type of way where it hinders the applicant’s appearance. Hence, when you have a red-eye photograph, you can reduce it by using the red-eye reduction tool available on the digital camera. Keep in mind, you will not be able to use any type of photo editing software to remove the red-eye from the photo.