Rhapsody of the Seas

A cruise through the Caribbean provides an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and exotic places. It gives you a chance to see the Bahamas, Mexico, and other interesting stops while also enjoying the open water. When you plan a vacation, you want to comply with the Rhapsody of the Seas passport requirements and standards.

Basic Rule

The Rhapsody of the Seas passport requirements gives you a clear idea of the standards you must follow when boarding the ship. You must have a valid and current passport on the ship. The valid passport prevents complications when you leave or enter the country for an international cruise.

Closed and Open Loop Cruises

Although you need a passport in most situations, an exception does apply to United States citizens. If you plan to go on a closed-loop cruise, then you may not need a passport. A closed-loop cruise means you are departing and entering from the same port in the United States. In that situation, you can provide other proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate, a consular report of birth abroad or a passport card.

An open loop cruise requires a passport for every individual. Open loop cruises mean you depart from one port and return to a different port. Every individual, regardless of citizenship, must have a passport in that situation.

Visas and Other Details

Although a visa is not required for every cruise, you should clarify the standards for the specific cruise you want to consider. Some destinations require a visa as well as a passport. Other destinations may not have the same standards. The requirements for a visa depending on your country of origin and you should consider a visa for any country you plan to visit during the cruise.

The standards for a passport while enjoying a cruise are simple. Passengers should obtain a passport or ensure that their current passport has not expired before boarding a ship.