20 Travel Apps for 2023

Who still needs a travel agent when they’ve got a smartphone? You no longer have to go a lot of hassles when planning your trip to whatever place on earth. We’ve critically evaluated a plethora of travel apps, and we sample the top 20 that you’ll want in 2018. The collection combines the best travel Apps from both the Google Play store and App Store.

Passport Photo Creator (Android, iOS; Free)

You don’t want to miss your trip due to a delayed passport application. The Passport Photo 360 app offers a new and faster way of creating your passport and visa photo that meets the specified criteria. Once you’ve taken your passport or visa photo, you can approve it to print and Walgreens, and you’ll be having your passport photo in less than an hour.

Skyscanner (Android, iOS; Free)

Looking through numerous websites to find the cheapest flights to your destination is a difficult task to accomplish. That is why you need Skyscanner. It has lots of filters to help you identify the most affordable and comfortable flight. The app will help you find a perfect balance between flight cost and convenience.

Google Now (Android, iOS; Free)

Google Now will help you find quick information about your flight or anything else. It’s the front-end to Google, and you know what Google can help you achieve. It’s even easier to use the app since you can simply utter “OK Google” and then enter your request.

Dark Sky (Android £2.99 per year, iOS £2.99/year)

The Dark Sky app work in the USA, Ireland, and the UK and it will help you know whether your planned day trip is going to turn into a torrent. It provides custom weather notifications and will notify you when it’s about to rain, or the temperatures are about to get high.

Google Maps (Android, iOS; Free)

Getting lost isn’t fun, and Google Maps is here to help you figure out your way. As long as you have a web connection, you’ll have access to the local map, street view, live transport information, and local information. The turn-by-turn option within the app will work even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Google Translate (Android, iOS; Free)

Google Translate is essential if you’re moving to a foreign country that speaks a different language from yours. It will help you avoid embarrassment due to your inadequate language skills. With Google translate, you get instant camera translation from over 29 languages, and it works perfectly even the letters are too tiny.

Wiffinity (Android, iOS; Free)

This app will help you avoid the expensive roaming fees since it serves as a WI-FI identifier. You no longer have to incur the roaming fees that will make you even suspect your mobile provider. You can also download maps with the app.

FlightAware (Android, iOS; Free)

If you’re tired of downloading individual airline or airport apps, then you need this app. The FlightAware mobile app will let you track any flight in real-time while receiving important alerts and seeing airport delays if any at the same time. Save yourself from the stress and focus on other things.

Duolingo (Android, iOS; Free)

If you don’t want to use Google Translate, then you have to learn the other languages, and no other app offers you a perfect learning platform than Duolingo. It covers over 27 languages and allows you to start with the basic verbs, phrases, and sentences.

Touchnote (Android, iOS; Free)

This app represents a perfect blend of old and new imaging technologies. It lets you create amazing and personalized postcards using your images, Simply open the app, select the image that you want to use, add some text and an address and your postcard will be ready.

CityMapper (Android, iOS; Free)


This is perhaps the new version of Google Maps covering specific cities. Currently, the app includes 36 cities, and it combines all the transport modes available in each city. It is simple to use and effective in suggesting the best way to transit from point A to point B.

Skype (Android, iOS; Free)

Skype is an essential travel app that allows you to stay in touch with your family and friends back at home especially if you’re traveling far away alone. The video calls will even let you make everyone back at home jealous, and it’s free.

AroundMe (Android, iOS; Free)


AroundMe becomes your favorite travel partner especially if you’re in a new place and you can’t locate things such as a hotel. AroundMe app will identify where you are and list all the nearby banks, hospitals, gas stations, bars, supermarkets, movie theatre, and even taxi! It’s a useful travel app that you can’t ignore.

Airbnb (Android, iOS; Free)



Airbnb is a household name that you can’t ignore while traveling. If you hate the idea of staying in a hotel, then Airbnb got you covered. It offers you the authentic experience of staying with a local in their home. The app recently added a lot of new features and is set to become an all-in-one app for planning your travel.

Uber (Android, iOS; Free)


Uber is currently active in over 80 countries worldwide. The app is particularly important when you’re abroad. With Uber, you can quickly request a cab with the app after going through the vehicle assortments and fare charges. You can then connect with the nearest driver, track your approaching car and safely pay with a credit card.


TripAdvisor (Android, iOS; Free)


TripAdvisor is always a go-to app when planning your journey. The app allows you to go through millions of customer reviews, photos, and videos about almost everything related to your trip. You can also use the app’s Near Me function to find well-reviewed places close to you quickly, and it’s just everywhere.


First Aid (Android, iOS; Free)

Accidents may occur anytime anywhere even when you’re enjoying your holiday somewhere. Although you might have taken a course on first aid, everything seems to get out of your head when caught up in an emergency situation. However, the First Aid app will always have a reference you can go to in case of an emergency.

XE Currency (Android, iOS; Free)

This is a robust currency converter app that you will need when you’re traveling to a foreign country. It offers live exchange rates for almost every world currency including the precious metals. The app can even store the most recent exchange rates so that you can access them even when your phone is offline.

Kayak (Android, iOS; Free)

Kayak is similar to Skyscanner since it searches across various travel sites for cheap hotels, flights, and rental cars. The app usually ha exclusive deals that you can’t find on the sites and you can use the Price Forecast tool to see whether you should buy now or wait.

Google Trips (Android, iOS; Free)

This is a relatively new travel app but its gaining popularity since it can do several things. It can pull reservations from your email and even add car rentals, hotel bookings and many more. Typically, it generates an underlying framework for your trip without you having to do so much. Once it is set up, you can check the app for suggestions on popular places you can visit or eat plus many other things.