How to Book The Cheapest Flight

The trickiest part about traveling on a budget is booking a flight that won’t break the bank. Between the cookies that track what you search online to the simple fact that some days are cheaper to fly than others- it can feel impossible to find the best deal on cheap flights. Don’t let yourself fall victim to overpaying for flights. Understand the process of how it works to book the cheapest possible flight for your next trip.

How to Book The Cheapest Flight

1.) Private mode

Yes, it sounds a bit creepy but there are cookies and other tracking methods that follow your internet activity. These tracking cookies can be used to tell airlines that you are currently on the market for cheap airfare, and that could prevent you from finding the cheapest flight possible. You may notice that once you search a topic online, there will be a sudden increase in the advertisements on your social media or internet accounts that relate to the search query. The best way to go around this scheme is to clear your search history and always do your travel research on ‘private mode’.


We just revealed the BEST flying tip there is Here travelers can fly from Germany to Thailand round trip for 250 Euro, or the United States to Ireland for $130! These are just a few examples of the almost unbelievable prices that this site can find. It is, however, something that must be monitored because this company works by offering specific trips for only a short period of time, so act quickly! Their Twitter page is also updated with the best deals hourly.

3.) GoEuro

GoEuro is a website and an app that travelers can use to compare flight prices. The best part is that GoEuro will also plan for the trains and busses in between the travels. For example, if you fly with RyanAir fromFrankfurt Hahn in Germany to London you may not know that the Frankfurt Hahn airport is an hour and a half away from the Frankfurt Main airport. GoEuro will book the bus for you to get not only from A to Z but to M and N which are in between but often forgotten about.

 Find Your Cheap Flight

Flying is a million-dollar industry, and as technology has evolved so has its tactics for increasing prices and making more of a profit. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of overpaying for flights ever again! Flying can be more affordable than you may think! So grab your passport (and check your visa requirements)! You should now have some new tools to book the cheapest flight possible.

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